New in Theaters – 1/4/13

03 Jan

Texas Chainsaw 3D

A chainsaw-yielding killer known as Leatherface terrorizes a group of young teens.

Scott’s Take

I would love to be inside the meeting room when this one got the green light.  ” Let’s see, what movie have we made countless times that we can spoon feed to a teenage audience under the guise of 3D. I know, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”   Seriously? I’d rather see Paranormal Activity 16

Steve’s Take

Yet another retread. How many times can a movie possibly be done. There was the original one, then 2, then 3, then the next generation, then the remake, then the beginning and now we have 3D. The last one I watched was the one with Jessica Biel. That will be the last one I watch. Go see ANYTHING else…well, except for Parental Guidance.

Next Week

That’s all we have this week.  This is your week to catch up on all the great movies that will be dominating the headlines this award season. Go see Lincoln, Argo,Django Unchained, even Les Miserables.  Make it count people.  Next week we have Gangster Squad and A Haunted House.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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