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Yuri’s Review of The Hangover: Part II

by Yuri Sakano

I would imagine that for most people, learning that there was a sequel to The Hangover was much like learning that we’d get to go to a second prom; it was a bittersweet mix of excitement, anxiety, nostalgia, expectation, and hope. You may feel excited and privileged to relive the best night of your life, yet you go in with apprehension because you have seeded in your mind that nothing could ever top the experience you had the first time. The Hangover was such an epic movie to our generation, and the thought of being disappointed by our beloved Stu, Phil, and Alan was heartbreaking.

I personally made it a point to watch as few previews and read as little about the movie as possible to avoid spoiling the outrageous surprises which gave The Hangover its signature style of humor. However, the temptation to peek at TV commercials promoting the movie were overbearing, and I did see enough to note that the basic plot for The Hangover: Part II was exactly the same as the first. I wanted to be annoyed at the audacity of the writers who dared to produce a movie with the same formula of success as the first one. Yet, like that terrible boyfriend that you forgave time and time again because of his irresistible charm, you are drawn in to the theater to give the writers just one more chance.

I am happy to report that there were enough “Oh no he didn’t!” moments in the film to keep me laughing throughout the whole movie. Although nothing can compare to the original (most likely due to its originality and ability to shock us in an unprecedented way), The Hangover: Part II proves true the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The chemistry of the loveable goof Alan, the sexy jerk Phil, and the adorable nerdy Stu is undeniable. In this humble editor’s opinion, The Hangover: Part II is a must-see.

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