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New in Theaters – 2/8/13

Identity Thief

Unlimited funds have allowed Diana (McCarthy) to live it up on the outskirts of Miami, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her fancy. There’s only one glitch: The ID she’s using to finance these sprees reads “Sandy Bigelow Patterson”….and it belongs to an accounts rep (Bateman) who lives halfway across the U.S. With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe, coax and wrangle her the 2,000 miles to Denver, one easy target will discover just how tough it is to get your name back. — (C) Official Site

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New Release Tuesday – 2/5/13


In this action-packed mystery thriller, Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington stars as Whip Whitaker, a seasoned airline pilot, who miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving nearly every soul on board. After the crash, Whip is hailed as a hero, but as more is learned, more questions than answers arise as to who or what was really at fault and what really happened on that plane? — (C) Official Site
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The CineSportsTalk Experience: 2/4/13

Hey guys – our latest podcast is ready! The CineSportsTalk Experience: 2/4/13 is up and ready to go! Check us out on iTunes! Just do a search for CineSportsTalk on iTunes and don’t forget to hit subscribe!

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Movie Question of the Week Contest – 1/29/13

Hey all – Steve here.

Another week, another giveaway on!

This week we are giving away a copy of the Limited Edition: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 on Blu-ray w/ exclusive Joker figurine.

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Movie Question of the Week Contest – 1/22/13

Hey all – Steve here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – we are LATE this week! You’re going to have to deal with it. We will extend the amount of time for you to answer to Monday (1/28) at 6pm.

This week we will be giving away End of Watch!

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New Release Tuesday – 1/22/13

End of Watch

From the writer of Training Day, End of Watch is a riveting action thriller that puts audiences at the center of the chase like never before. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña star as young LA police officers who discover a secret that makes them the target of the country’s most dangerous drug cartel. — (C) Open Road Read the rest of this entry »


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NFL Playoffs – Conference Championship Picks

One more week before the Super Bowl! Scott and Carlos have opposite picks this week so there is a real chance for these guys to be tied by the time this weekend is all said and done! Here are the standings so far through Round 2 and our Conference Championship picks and as always let us know what you think about our picks! Are we crazy or what??

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