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Coaches Corner – 10/23/12

by Yankee Todd

My two-minute warning

Captain Clutch!

Eli Manning’s heroics under pressure never shock me.  Down three with less than two minutes! No problem.  On the biggest stage and in the biggest city, it doesn’t affect the most unassuming star that Gotham city has ever produced.  Injuries and back ups never faze him. There’s never an excuse and  there’s never anyone to blame.

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Preview: Giants vs 49ers

A rematch of last season’s NFC Championship game, the New York Giants (3-2) look to get another victory against the San Francisco 49ers (4-1) at Candlestick Park this Sunday.

Last Sunday the Giants took care of the Cleveland Browns with a 41-27 victory. Ahmad Bradshaw started off shaky with a fumble on his first carry, which led to a Trent Richardson touchdown run, but was solid the rest of the way. He carried the ball 30 times for 200 yards and a touchdown, and he wasn’t alone. Victor Cruz had a career high three touchdown day on five receptions for 50 yards.
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Preview: Giants vs Browns

After coming up short in week 4, the New York Giants (2-2) look to get above .500 against the winless Cleveland Browns (0-4) at MetLife Stadium.

On Sunday night the little things hurt the New York Giants. An interception in the red zone by Eli, the running game being nonexistent, but with all that the Giants were still in the game. The play that hurt them the most was Ramses Barden’s offensive pass interference that moved the ball from the Eagles 27 yard line to the 36, out of Lawrence Tynes usual field goal range. With only 15 seconds left and no timeouts remaining, Tom Coughlin decided to kick the 54-yard field goal instead of attempting at a few more yards on third down and giving Tynes a little bit more a chance. Tynes missed the field goal twice, once wide left before Andy Reid’s timeout, and the second by a few feet.
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Coaches Corner – 9/24/12

by Yankee Todd

I’m back!!!

I can only imagine the vibe and buzz that the cities of Washington DC and Baltimore have right now! The Nationals have already clinched their spot in the post season and the Baltimore Orioles have gone from a feel good story to a team that has an incredible chance to win the American League East.

My hat goes off to Buck Showalter.

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 8/29/12

by Steve Farace

I want to piggy-back on my opening for last week for a moment. If you are reading this and have any intention of watching Dexter, please let me first warn you about a spoiler alert coming up. If you have yet to watch Dexter and you plan to, then please skip ahead to the start of the article. My main point here is that if you are not completely caught up with a television show that you are watching, DO NOT like it on Facebook! Here I am watching Dexter from season 1 a couple of years ago and I’m mid-way through season 4 when the preview for season 5 pops up on the Dexter Facebook page – how will Dexter cope with Rita’s death? WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Rita DIED?? How??? WHY?!?!? After my confusion as to why the Dexter Facebook page would do something like that without having the common courtesy to give a “spoiler alert” to start the status update, I bawled my eyes out. Ok, maybe not, but still! I’m still made about that! On to sports, damn it…
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Coaches Corner – 2/7/12

by Yankee Todd

Coach’s Corner 7

February 7th

Tony Parker dropped 42 points on the Oklahoma City Thunder Saturday night.  As you faithful readers know, I think Tony Parker is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.  Is that because he plays in a small market in South Texas? That could be the case.   What if Tony Parker played in New York City or Chicago?  Would his name be in the discussion with Chris Paul and Derrick Rose for the best point guards in the league?  Tony Parker deserves to be an all-star.  There are times in games where Tony Parker is un-guardable.   . . .  Speaking of great point guard play, Jeremy Lin, for one night, was better than Deron Williams.  Lin, who signed as a free agent in December after being waived by Golden State, provided a spark that the Knicks have not had all year.   Mike Bibby was signed and couldn’t do it.  He can be waived at any time now.  Toney Douglas and Iman Shumpert are not point guards.  With all the talk about Baron Davis being the answer, give credit to Mike D’Antoni for pushing the right button.  Jeremy Lin might have parlayed his career night into a starting job for the New York Knicks.  The more I watch Tyson Chandler play, the more I love his game.  He dunks the ball with authority, plays good defense, rebounds the ball well, and his emotion is something the team needs.    He is developing into a true leader.

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The Giants win the Super Bowl

By Yankee Todd


The Giants win the Super Bowl!!

Defeat the Patriots twice during the biggest game in last four years.

Brady to Welker has normally been a combination that has led to disaster all year for opponents. But a Welker drop allowed Eli Manning an opportunity. Given that opportunity, Manning found Mario Manningham for an incredible catch with less than four minutes to go in the game that allowed the Giants to move the ball to mid field.

Yes, that Mario Manningham, the one that I predicted in my Coach’s Corner that would be the key to the game. His three catches on the final drive that helped the Giants win their second Super Bowl in four years.
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