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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 9/19/12

by Steve Farace

I’ve been watching the new NBC Sports Network all night. That’s right – don’t judge me. Actually it isn’t that bad. First I watched Rocky and now they are showing an overview of last week in the NFL. Not bad at all. Norv Turner is currently telling his Chargers offense that the 89 yard drive was a “helluva job”. Anywho…

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Windy City Sports Report – 9/17/12

Hello sports fans, here is your Windy City Sports Report for this week. In today’s issue, how is the White Sox playoff push going? Are the youngsters playing the role of spoilers? How did the Bears face in their rivalry game against the Packers?

As the week started, the Sox had a 2 game lead over the Detroit Tigers. Those same Tigers came into Chicago for a huge 4 game series. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 8/1/12

by Steve Farace

There is no other trade deadline like the MLB trade deadline. There are so many rumors and what ifs and buyers and sellers. This year there are more teams that feel that they are in the hunt because of the second wild card spot. My Mom still does not understand the concept of one wild card team and now that there is a second wild card I have given up on explaining it to her. There were winners and losers of this years trade deadline, so let’s get to that and all of the other happenings in sports this past week, eh?

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 6/13/12

By Steve Farace

So, I’m having a discussion with someone today that has worked at both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. We were talking about the difference in the customer base and according to her, there is a rather large gap in customers of each company. She told me that Starbucks customers are more stuck up (I think we all knew that part) and that they are quicker to get irate if their coffee is not made perfectly so. Dunkin customers (again, according to a former employee of both) will still get upset when their coffee isn’t made perfectly, but they are more the “don’t worry it’s not a big deal” kind of customer as opposed to Starbucks “can you just have someone else make my drink” customer. I thought it was interesting – I’m a Dunkin man myself…how about you?
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NL Central Preview

by Carlos Nazario

Spring is upon us once more, and with that we have the sounds of the crack of a bat, the zip of a thrown ball, and the oomph of that ball hitting a glove. Yes, folks, BASEBALL IS BACK! After a classic playoffs that culminated in one of the best World Series ever played, we start all over again, and every team has a shot, though some will miss that shot shortly after.

There were some BIG changes in the National League Central. Last season, the St. Louis Cardinals made one of the most incredible comebacks just to make it to the playoffs, and did it again in the World Series to capture their 11th title. The Cubs overhauled their front office to try to reverse the 103 years of futility.

It should be a competitive season for the division, if not an overly great one. With that said, let’s take a swing at this preview!
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Where we stand: National League

by Aaron Rife,



Atlanta Braves

Lineup:                                                           Rotation:

Michael Bourn (CF)                                       Tim Hudson

Martin Prado (LF)                                          Jair Jurrjens

Brian McCann (C)                                          Tommy Hanson

Dan Uggla (2B)                                               Brandon Beachy

Freddie Freeman (1B)                                     Mike Minor

Chipper Jones (3B)                                        Randall Delgado

Jason Heyward (RF)

Tyler Pastornicky (SS)                                   Bullpen:

Craig Kimbrell (Closer)

Jonny Venters (8th inning)

What They Need:

Their biggest need is at shortstop but it seems that they’ll be going into the season with Tyler Pastornicky manning that spot. There’s talk that their interested in Ronny Cedeno for a backup role; that wouldn’t be the worst backup plan. They’ve also been shopping around Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado. They’re most likely looking for a Chipper Jones successor and/or a power bat in left field.

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