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The Bulletin of Bizarre-1/31/13


By Scott Peterson

Hello everyone.  Scott here again.  Brace yourself because I’ve decided to start a new weekly column aptly titled The Bulletin of Bizarre. I noticed that there are some really strange stories that appear in the news everyday and like loose change under your couch cushion, they get lost in the shuffle and never see the light of day. What scares me is that we live among these daywalkers.  They are our neighbors, our brothers, our sisters, the lady standing in front of us in line at the grocery store.  So I’d like to share this wall of weird with all of you. This weekly article will offend many and if used correctly will probably save lives.  This is my donation to society.  I urge each and every one of you to email me if you see something in the news that is so f***d up, that it just has to be true.  I will post them each week.

Okay, are you ready? The following stories are all real-life true stories. I have changed no names to protect the innocent because if I call you out in this article, you are definitely not innocent.  Let’s do this. Rapid fire time.

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