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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports

by Steve Farace

Ah, it’s that time of the week again! Hump Day! We’ve had a lot going on with the site lately and HOPEFULLY it should be done soon. We have our fingers crossed (although it is really hard to type with your fingers crossed). I’m ready! Let’s go!

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 8/15/12

by Steve Farace

Let me first apologize for not having a Hump Day article last week! I was nearing my death-bed with a bout of Strep Throat…but you can all rest easy now – I’m doing much better!

Have you ever watched Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic? If you haven’t, you are missing something special. This could be one of the more addicting shows on television right now. Basically, it is about people from countries like the United States and England getting into major trouble and doing time in countries like Venezuela and Egypt. It is crazy what happens to people in jail in those countries. There many holy “bleep” moments during the show – check it out! It’s on Monday nights…throw it on your DVR so you can skip the commercials! On to some Hump Day Thoughts on Sports!
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