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Ladies and Gentlemen,The Gossip Whore-12/28/12

by Teresa Peterson


Greetings CineSportsTalk fans, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Teresa Bellomo Peterson aka The Gossip Whore. My hubby, cofounder here (I’ll let you guess which one) has been harassing the crap out of me to write a gossip column. He seems to think that just cause I have more frenimies that any woman he has ever met, and I trash talk anyone and everyone, I may be on to something here. So like it or not here I am ready to give you the low down on the low down and talk some trash about anyone I deem suitable, which pertains to pretty much everyone….(family members not discluded) First up is my girl Bethenny. Looks as though her marriage is over, sigh. Shocker? Not so much. I actually really like Bethenny, she reminds me of myself, other than the fact that she weights 80 lbs soaking wet and is a millionaire, we have many things in common. She always blurts out what’s on her mind and she is extremely abrasive, a quality I take crap for at home and in the office. Sorry but if we were men it would be perfectly fine to be obnoxious, abrasive and painfully honest. But nope instead we should know our role!  Well I applaud Bethenny for getting where she is today by being who she is. Bravo Bethenny (get the pun) Her marriage however was doomed from the start. I have watched her since RHNYC when she was single. I get that she wants to be herself. But when she chose this poor schmuck I knew he was doomed. He is way too much of a yes man. Stand up for yourself man, where are your balls?? Bethenny, I get you, I really do. But sometimes you have to play the pretty dumb girl (bats eye lashes, wink wink) Let him think he is in control. Think is the operative word here. It was painful to watch her with is family, ouch! If I have learned anything being married its play nice with the family, just smile, nod and keep your mouth shut. Remember they don’t really consider you family anyhow. They just tolerate you and don’t care about your opinion. Poor Jason had no idea what he was getting himself into. My advice to Jason, RUN and don’t forget to grab half her millions from her Skinny Girl account.

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Some Facts about Django Unchained

Hey all.  Scott here again with some more news from Comic-Con.  Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Dicaprio is the only Christmas present I am looking forward to unwrapping this year. A lot of great movie news is breaking at Comic-Con and these Django revelations are no different.  Read up on what’s new with one of this years most anticipated releases from our friends at MTV:

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