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Windy City Sports Report – 1/21/13

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory.” -Vince Lombardi

Hello sports fans, Carlos here with your Windy City Sports Report. In this edition, the Bulls keep rolling; the Bears get their man; we finally have hockey.

The return of Derrick Rose is near, but the Bulls are too busy winning games to be concerned about that. They had four games this week, trying to gain on the Central-leading Indiana Pacers. They played the overtime game this week, having three of them in a row. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 1/16/13

by Steve Farace

Hey all – did ya miss me since last week? No? You don’t have to be so direct. Anyway, I am back again for another hump day potpourri. Here we go!

Why does everyone seem to open up to Oprah? What is it about her? The latest was Lance Armstrong. He apparently has come clean about being on performance enhancing drugs. What is it with these people? Do they not think they are going to get caught? I think it’s absurd. Not only are they cheaters, but they are thieves as well. They have stolen money by using a fake body and fake conditioning. Listen, to me cycling is not a sport – it is simply what people do for recreation – sorry to offend anyone, but this is my article. The man made a ton of money during his career and now we are finding out that he has done even worse. He has basically stomped on all of the people who knew about what he was doing. People tried to step in and he actually sued people because of the “outrageous allegations”. Are you kidding me?? Wow…just wow. I can’t wait to see all of the repercussions.

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 1/9/13

by Steve Farace

Ah – my very first entry of 2013 and we have TONS to get to. Here we go!

First of all – Mr. Musburger, you should be ASHAMED of yours– haha – I couldn’t do it. Are you kidding me? ESPN releases an apology to Katherine Webb (girlfriend of a certain national champion QB from Alabama) because Brent Musburger said that she was beautiful on air and that all of the college QB’s get pretty girlfriends? Is that some kind of late breaking news that wasn’t supposed to be leaked? I mean, seriously now, what did he do wrong?? It was a good job by Katherine Webb to say that there was no apology needed. What the hell is the world coming to.
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The CineSportsTalk Experience: 1/2/13

Hey guys – our latest podcast is ready! The CineSportsTalk Experience: 1/2/13 is up and ready to go! Check us out on iTunes! Just do a search for CineSportsTalk on iTunes and don’t forget to hit subscribe!

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Coaches Corner – 12/26/12

My two minute warning

I can never support a player that beats his own mother but Dez Bryant is playing like a super star over the last month of the season. If Bryant beat his mom the way he’s beating opposing defenses, he belongs in prison and the Pro Bowl!!

If Mark Sanchez told Rex Ryan that since he wasn’t starting he didn’t want to be included in any snaps or special packages, he would have been crucified. But Tim Tebow quits on his team and basically gets a pass from the general public.
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Coaches Corner – 11/29/12

My 2 minute warning

I can’t keep up with the conference shuffling! Who knew San Diego State was now in the Big East?

What’s going to happen when Rutgers and Kent State are in the BCS this year? Can’t we just have a playoff once and for all?

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 11/14/12

by Steve Farace

I’m going to start this think off with a few cheap plugs. If that’s a problem for you then TOO BAD!

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