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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 10/10/12

by Steve Farace

I found out today while speaking to Scott that there are now pumpkin pop tarts. I’m not sure what is going on in this country, but there is a pumpkin craze taking over. I mean we already have the pumpkin spice coffee at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, but now we have Hershey’s Kisses and pop tarts flavored with pumpkin? It’s all out of control! I’m not big into the whole pumpkin takeover…ah well.
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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 9/19/12

by Steve Farace

I’ve been watching the new NBC Sports Network all night. That’s right – don’t judge me. Actually it isn’t that bad. First I watched Rocky and now they are showing an overview of last week in the NFL. Not bad at all. Norv Turner is currently telling his Chargers offense that the 89 yard drive was a “helluva job”. Anywho…

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Windy City Sports Report – 8/20/12

Hello sports fans, welcome to the latest Windy City Sports Report. In today’s spot, do the White Sox still have a hold of first place? How are the Cubs’ kids faring? How are the Bears looking so far in the preseason?

The Sox opened the week with a 2 game lead in the AL Central over the Detroit Tigers. They had a 4 game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. They dropped a tough opening game 3-2 in extra innings. Starter Jake Peavy pitched well, allowing only 2 runs over 8 innings, but could only get a no-decision. The only offense for the Sox was Adam Dunn, who hit 2 solo home runs.
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2012 MLB Predictions

Steve Scott Carlos
AL East Red Sox Yankees Yankees
AL Central Tigers Tigers Tigers
AL West Angels Angels Angels
AL Wild Card Rangers Rangers Rangers
AL Wild Card Yankees Rays Rays
NL East Phillies Marlins Phillies
NL Central Reds Reds Reds
NL West Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants
NL Wild Card Braves Phillies Marlins
NL Wild Card Brewers Brewers Brewers
AL Champions Angels Tigers Angels
NL Champions Diamondbacks Marlins Reds
Word Series Champions Angels Tigers Angels
AL MVP Albert Pujols Miguel Cabrera Evan Longoria
NL MVP Justin Upton Hanley Ramirez Justin Upton
AL Cy Young Justin Verlander Felix Hernandez Dan Haren
NL Cy Young Roy Halladay Roy Halladay Madison Bumgarner
AL Rookie of the Year Jesus Montero Matt Moore Jesus Montero
NL Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper Bryce Harper Trevor Bauer
David Aaron Yankee Todd
AL East Yankees Yankees Yankees
AL Central Tigers Tigers Tigers
AL West Angels Rangers Rangers
AL Wild Card Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox
AL Wild Card Twins Angels Angels
NL East Phillies Phillies Phillies
NL Central Brewers Reds Reds
NL West Diamondbacks Diamondbacks Giants
NL Wild Card Marlins Marlins Marlins
NL Wild Card Giants Giants Brewers
AL Champions Yankees Rangers Yankees
NL Champions Phillies Diamondbacks Phillies
Word Series Champions Yankees Rangers Yankees
AL MVP Alex Rodriguez Albert Pujols Robinson Cano
NL MVP Jose Reyes Hanley Ramirez Joey Votto/Matt Kemp
AL Cy Young C.C. Sabathia Justin Verlander C.C. Sabathia
NL Cy Young Roy Halladay Roy Halladay Roy Halladay
AL Rookie of the Year Jesus Montero Jesus Montero Mike Trout
NL Rookie of the Year Starling Marte Yonder Alonso Bryce Harper

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NL Central Preview

by Carlos Nazario

Spring is upon us once more, and with that we have the sounds of the crack of a bat, the zip of a thrown ball, and the oomph of that ball hitting a glove. Yes, folks, BASEBALL IS BACK! After a classic playoffs that culminated in one of the best World Series ever played, we start all over again, and every team has a shot, though some will miss that shot shortly after.

There were some BIG changes in the National League Central. Last season, the St. Louis Cardinals made one of the most incredible comebacks just to make it to the playoffs, and did it again in the World Series to capture their 11th title. The Cubs overhauled their front office to try to reverse the 103 years of futility.

It should be a competitive season for the division, if not an overly great one. With that said, let’s take a swing at this preview!
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Where we stand: National League

by Aaron Rife,



Atlanta Braves

Lineup:                                                           Rotation:

Michael Bourn (CF)                                       Tim Hudson

Martin Prado (LF)                                          Jair Jurrjens

Brian McCann (C)                                          Tommy Hanson

Dan Uggla (2B)                                               Brandon Beachy

Freddie Freeman (1B)                                     Mike Minor

Chipper Jones (3B)                                        Randall Delgado

Jason Heyward (RF)

Tyler Pastornicky (SS)                                   Bullpen:

Craig Kimbrell (Closer)

Jonny Venters (8th inning)

What They Need:

Their biggest need is at shortstop but it seems that they’ll be going into the season with Tyler Pastornicky manning that spot. There’s talk that their interested in Ronny Cedeno for a backup role; that wouldn’t be the worst backup plan. They’ve also been shopping around Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado. They’re most likely looking for a Chipper Jones successor and/or a power bat in left field.

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