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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 12/20/12

Hey everyone – Steve here. This was all set to go up yesterday (Hump Day), but apparently a greater power didn’t want it to go live. So, here we are with a Hump Day article being posted on a Thursday. What can ya do?

So, I’m gone for a couple of weeks and Scott renames my article to include “stuff”. I see how it is! Actually, I like it a lot. It gives me a little more room to maneuver for the tremendously successful weekly article. Of course when I say tremendously successful, I’m speaking about the 7 or 8 people who read it every week. Thanks again to you guys and we hope to get it to 10 this week.
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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 11/14/12

by Steve Farace

I’m going to start this think off with a few cheap plugs. If that’s a problem for you then TOO BAD!

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Coaches Corner – 9/26/12


The 2 Minute Warning

Driving to work today, I heard this radio announcement.  “Due to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, the San Antonio Silver Stars playoff game is being moved from the SBC Center (Home of the Spurs) to the Freeman Coliseum (It’s like playing in the small gym).”

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Windy City Sports Report – 8/20/12

Hello sports fans, welcome to the latest Windy City Sports Report. In today’s spot, do the White Sox still have a hold of first place? How are the Cubs’ kids faring? How are the Bears looking so far in the preseason?

The Sox opened the week with a 2 game lead in the AL Central over the Detroit Tigers. They had a 4 game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. They dropped a tough opening game 3-2 in extra innings. Starter Jake Peavy pitched well, allowing only 2 runs over 8 innings, but could only get a no-decision. The only offense for the Sox was Adam Dunn, who hit 2 solo home runs.
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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 7/18/12

by Steve Farace

Loyalty – that’s a strong word isn’t it? It can be meant to describe many things in life. Maybe you are referring to your loyal pooch, Hammer. Maybe you are referring to your loyal and devoted husband or wife. What about being loyal to your job? Have you guys read the story about Marissa Mayer? She had worked with Google since 1999 – in fact she was their 20th employee. She has been working there for 13 years and it was just announced that she was leaving Google to become the new CEO of Yahoo! Now, Yahoo used to be one of Google’s main competitors, but is struggling, so I guess Mayer is looking to revive them. It makes you think, though, which side of the fence was the lack of loyalty? Google or Mayer? Holy Johnny Damon, Batman! Let’s get to it:

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Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 6/13/12

By Steve Farace

So, I’m having a discussion with someone today that has worked at both Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. We were talking about the difference in the customer base and according to her, there is a rather large gap in customers of each company. She told me that Starbucks customers are more stuck up (I think we all knew that part) and that they are quicker to get irate if their coffee is not made perfectly so. Dunkin customers (again, according to a former employee of both) will still get upset when their coffee isn’t made perfectly, but they are more the “don’t worry it’s not a big deal” kind of customer as opposed to Starbucks “can you just have someone else make my drink” customer. I thought it was interesting – I’m a Dunkin man myself…how about you?
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AL East Preview

by Scott Peterson

Once again it looks like the AL East is shaping up to be one of the most tightly contested divisions in major league baseball.  The New York Yankees are still the New York Yankees.  The Tampa Bay Rays always find a way to hang around the top of the standings.  The Boston Red Sox are coming off a disappointing finish (insert chicken and beer joke here) and look to put last year’s historic collapse behind them.  The Toronto Blue Jays have one of the nastiest line ups in baseball and are anxious to let their young pitching staff surprise the naysayers.  Oh and the Baltimore Orioles are included in the mix for scheduling purposes. Below is my list of the predicted finish in the AL East.

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Where we stand – American League

by Aaron Rife,

Where We Stand- American League




Baltimore Orioles

Lineup:                                                           Rotation:

Brian Roberts (2B)                                         Jeremy Guthrie

JJ Hardy (SS)                                                 Jake Arrieta

Adam Jones (CF)                                            Tommy Hunter

Matt Wieters (C)                                            Zach Britton

Mark Reynolds (1B)                                     Tsuyoshi Wada

Nick Markakis (RF)                                       Brian Matusz

Chris Davis (DH)

Nolan Reimold (LF)                                        Bullpen:

Josh Bell (3B)                                                 Jim Johnson (Closer)

Kevin Gregg (8th inning)


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