West of Memphis: Review

05 Feb

by Steve Farace

I love hard-hitting documentaries, so I was excited to find out that I would be able to attend a screening of West of Memphis!

This particular story is a very hard pill to swallow. It is borderline unbelievable and of course, it actually happened. It not only shows what a human beings mind is capable of thinking, it shows how far we have come in technology with DNA testing.

Even if you simply sit down and read a 3 or 4 paragraph essay about the case of The Memphis 3, you will no doubt come away feeling disturbed to your inner core. The mere fact that someone can simply end the lives of three 8-year-old boys is unfathomable.

Obviously, if you followed this case you know there is one major twist. The West Memphis 3, spent nearly 20 years of their lives in prison and then were released. The had so much outside support (including from people like Johnny Depp) that led to their release, but which side do you believe? This documentary will give you every bit of information to help you make your decision.

I feel that it is my duty to warn you that some of the scenes and images are very disturbing. When you hear about what happened to those boys all those years ago, it is hard to think about. This documentary removes all need for your imagination as they show the boys being taken out of the murky water. I saw several of my fellow members of the press turn their heads each time they showed the graphic images.

If you like Forensic Files on TruTV, you will love this. It is any DNA case you’ve seen on steroids. If you don’t know anything about this case, don’t even do your research as this will give you everything you need. If you know the case and followed it at all, this will probably provide you with more details than you can remember.

Final Word – 3 1/2 Stars

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