Mama: Review

27 Jan

by Steve Farace

I love a good scare at the theater. Let’s see if Mama provided me with what I was looking for!

It seems as though many movies that put a scare into you at the theater involve little children. Many people (including me) think that little kids putting a scare into you in a movie is sure-fire if it is done right. Mama is an intense story of a motherly figure that lost her baby in a fall and is looking for a child to replace it with. Insert creepy children here.

There are two children that are lost in an abandoned house for years and they have to fend for themselves over the course of that time. The younger of the two children was never raised by anyone, so she didn’t know anything other than being an animal. When they are rescued and brought to the home of their uncle and his girlfriend, Mama isn’t too far behind.

The movie then turns to scene after scene of anticipation and “what’s going to jump out at us this time?” You can usually gauge the scare factor of a movie by the amount of screams in the theater and by the end of the night, I lost part of the hearing in my right ear. A good scary movie gets the theaters involved and pulls the audience into the story and has them talking about it afterwards. I think Mama accomplished that.

At first, I was not too sure if I liked the ending, but after sleeping on it I was fine with it. I’ve spoken to a few people about it and there are several that have been paid a visit by Mama in their dreams. If you are into scary movies and intense moments, you should check Mama out.

Final Word – 3 Stars

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