Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 1/23/13

23 Jan

by Steve Farace

Hey all – welcome to another Hump Day! Hope your week is going well so far. Just a random thought to throw out there – MLB Network does a great job with these recaps of past seasons. Let’s get to it!

Things are finally starting to calm down with Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o. I’m so thankful because I couldn’t take much more. Turns out Te’o is good to go and Lance Armstrong is the jackass we thought he was. Yawn.

Here are two stories for the world of entertainment that I cared NOTHING about (and neither should you):

1. Justin Bieber passed Lady Gaga for number of Twitter follows. Big deal! Follow us on Twitter now! We are cooler!
2. Beyonce not actually singing the National Anthem at the Inauguration. Who. The. Bleep. Cares. Move on people – seriously!

What do you all think about the matchup for the Super Bowl? 49ers and Ravens. Doesn’t get the blood going, does it? Maybe not, but there is one big story involved in this game and it is Ray Lewis. Some people are pulling for the Ravens so Lewis can go out on top and others are tired of seeing him cry and preach. I’m in the camp of hoping that Ray Lewis goes out on top. We shall see.

Barry Bonds once walked 232 times in one season. Incredible. Not in the Hall of Fame though.

Ah…more Dwight Howard/Kobe Bryant drama. According to a source (that infamous source) Kobe recently asked Dwight in a team meeting if he liked playing with him. I’m already tired of the Dwight to “insert team here” rumors. It’s annoying. It feels like Dwight is going to do this every year. Please just make it stop.

That is about it for this week. We are getting the site redone as I type this article. We are really excited about the relaunch and wish it would happen NOW! We are a bit impatient. You guys are going to love it. Well…hopefully!


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