Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 1/9/13

09 Jan

by Steve Farace

Ah – my very first entry of 2013 and we have TONS to get to. Here we go!

First of all – Mr. Musburger, you should be ASHAMED of yours– haha – I couldn’t do it. Are you kidding me? ESPN releases an apology to Katherine Webb (girlfriend of a certain national champion QB from Alabama) because Brent Musburger said that she was beautiful on air and that all of the college QB’s get pretty girlfriends? Is that some kind of late breaking news that wasn’t supposed to be leaked? I mean, seriously now, what did he do wrong?? It was a good job by Katherine Webb to say that there was no apology needed. What the hell is the world coming to.

Speaking of ESPN apologizing – in an instance where they should have apologize and take the appropriate action, they did just that. Rob Parker was fired by ESPN after his comments about RG3. What the hell was he thinking? I don’t even understand what he is doing questioning RG3’s “blackness”. When are we all going to move past this and realize that we are all simply human beings. Oh, and what the hell is a “cornball brother”?? If you don’t know what happened – here is the video:

I don’t remember the last time someone questioned my “whiteness”.

Two controversies down, two to go.

Carmelo Anthony has been suspended for one game for his actions following the Knicks recent loss to the Celtics. Kevin Garnett strikes again. It came out today that Garnett told Melo that his wife “tasted like honeynut cheerios”. WOW – how professional of KG. Can we expect anything else from the man who said another man looked like a cancer patient a few years back? Now, was Melo right in the way he handled the situation after the game? No – he probably should not have been waiting for KG after the game by the bus. If you think about it, the suspension is warranted, but if you were in that situation would you have been any more calm about it? KG is a bleepin’ punk and one day he is going to get what’s coming to him.

Next up is the Hall of Fame voting that took place today in Major League Baseball. For the first time since 1996, there was not one player voted in to the Hall. Is it fair? Probably not. There was obviously a statement to be made this year with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens both on the ballot for the first time. Guys like Big Mac and Palmiero actually lost votes from last year. In this guys opinion, both Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza should have been in this year. I think they both get in next year, but only time will tell. I’ve come to terms with Piazza not making it in (as long as nobody else got in either!).

Hockey is BACK! Now do ya care?

Not really – pitchers and catchers report next month.

RG3 had successfully knee surgery this morning and everyone seems to think he will be ready by the start of next season. If he is ANYTHING like Adrian Peterson after surgery, I feel sorry for the NFC East.

I had surgery to repair my ACL, MCL and PCL almost 6 years ago and I bet you can’t catch me now!

That’s going to be all for now – have anything to say? Leave your comments here! You know the drill…

Until next week!


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