This is 40: Review

08 Jan

Are you 40 years of age or older? Are you approaching that very scary number of an age? Well if you answered yes to either of those two questions, then chances are this is the movie for you to check out. Maybe you want to find out if certain things are actually supposed to be happening at that age. Maybe you are wondering what you should be expecting as you hit the big 4-0.

This is 40 is another comedy from Judd Apatow. It’s kind of the sequel to Knocked Up (but not really). Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are back in this one along with Mann’s two little girls. Here is a little tidbit of information for you – Apatow and Mann are married! I wonder what it must be like to work so closely with your wife and kids. It’s not like you can scream at them in front of the entire cast if the screw up. You would just look like a psycho. He should probably wait until he gets home to do that.

The story talks about how Leslie Mann is handling her entry into 40-hood. If you watched the trailer, it looks like it could be the comedy of the season. While there are some very funny parts, the movie kind of falls into the trap of becoming very negative. Whether it be husband and wife getting mad at each other for certain things or the kids being hurt by the parents fighting, there just always seems to be a certain amount of focus on the negative points of turning 40.

Due to the amount of negativity, I do have one more gripe with the movie. At over two hours long (134 minutes to be exact), it is entirely too long. Don’t get me wrong, there are some zingers thrown out there, but with Apatow at the helm, I just expect more. You can’t just throw a few zingers into a mediocre plot and keep the audience laughing. This movie is the reason why you should always temper your expectations.

Final Word – 2 1/2 Stars

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