Coaches Corner – 1/1/13

01 Jan

by Yankee Todd

My Two Minute Warning

Man rules –

I feel I need to say a few things about the rules of being a man before I can talk sports today! I need to make sure my readers know where I am coming from!!

1) No man eats boneless chicken wings. A boneless wing is a chicken McNugget. The minute you order boneless wings, your man card will be taken away and never returned.

2) No man should ever go on Pintrest, talk about Pintrest, or “Pin” something. No explanation needed!!
Being a parent is very difficult. You always try to teach your children right from wrong and hope that when they face peer pressure they know how to handle it.

I am always looking for real life situations that I can use to illustrate my teachings.

Syracuse University basketball player Michael Carter Williams is a tremendous talent on the court. He is very good at passing the ball and scoring for the highly competitive basketball team. Recently, he went for a steal and got caught. Not by the referee, but the police at a local Syracuse mall. If you believe the rumors on social media sites, MCW paid the department store 500 dollars and charges were not pressed. I recently dropped my 13-year-old off at the mall and shared the same story with her. I usually give advice to Bethany and her friend Morgan about strangers at the mall and theft. It’s sad that MCW didn’t have anyone remind him before he went to the mall about strangers and how wrong stealing was!

Bowl week observations

How did the city of Miami or the state of Florida allow Geno Smith to go north? Even though he didn’t play well in the snow against Syracuse, I don’t see how any of the Florida schools missed him. He could be the top quarterback taken in the draft this year.

Syracuse looked feisty before and during the Pinstripe Bowl. They used a dominant running game to finish the year strong. The Orange will have to replace quarterback Ryan Nassib next year as they move to the ACC. Locals are excited about early enrollee Zach Allen. The Temple, Texas, high school star is ready to head north and compete for the job. I have seen Allen play in person and he could be a special player for years to come.

The top recruit in the state of New York is Ebenezer Ogundeko. The physical and athletic defensive end and NYC resident attended the Pinstripe Bowl last week. Syracuse and Clemson are his top two choices. Zack Allen has been texting and encouraging Ogundeko to join him in the Carrier Dome. If the Orange can land him, it will be a huge sign that Orange football is on the rise. With a competitive football team, Coach Marrone now has to circle the state of New York and not allow any recruits to leave for another division one school. He will announce his decision this week from the Under Armor Bowl.

With all the NFL coaches drawing pink slips, will the Orange have to look for a new coach next year?


My son, Andrew and I went to the Alamo Bowl. From the game, I took away the following observations.

Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks are extremely selfish individuals and potential criminals. Both players were sent home from the Alamo Bowl for violating team rules. The San Antonio Police Department is also investigating two Texas Football players for a potential sexual assault of a 21-year-old Texas Tech student who they met in a club.

Based on initial speculation, Hicks had sex with the intoxicated women while McCoy watched. If the rumors are true, both men deserve to be expelled from the University of Texas and be issued a new uniform, that one of the Texas prison systems.

Oregon State had absolutely no answer for Alex Okafor. The senior defensive end had 8 tackles and 4.5 sacks. The future NFL player helped the Longhorns set an Alamo Bowl record with 10 sacks.

The sell out crowd at the Alamo Dome was a huge advantage for the Longhorns. For those of you out there that think there are too many bowl games, the 65,000 that attended and celebrated during the game would beg to differ.

Former Longhorn legend Major Applewhite called the offense for the Longhorns for the first time against the Beavers. It wasn’t until the second half that Applewhite opened up the play book and expanded the offense.

Many wonder if Applewhite is the next head football coach in Austin?

Remember the name Storm Woods. The Oregon State Beaver freshman running back will be star in college the next few years. The Pflugerville, Texas, native rushed for over 100 yards in three-quarters against the University of Texas before leaving with an injury.

The Rice Owls started the season 1-5. They ended the season with a victory over Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. The Owls had to win 6 of their last 7 to finish the season.

The Chick-fil-A Bowl was extremely entertaining. I love the toughness of Clemson QB Tajh Boyd. Boyd took a physical beating from LSU the entire game and still managed to orchestrate three scoring drives in the fourth quarter. LSU, with all the talent on defense, couldn’t cover wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Not that I am a college coach, but I sure wouldn’t pass the ball three times if I were LSU on their final drive.
If I ever could pick a football coach to interview, it would be Clemson coach Dabo Swinney! His passion and enthusiasm for the game had him lift the ESPN reporter off her feet as she went to interview him.

My son and I went to the Spurs vs Brooklyn Nets game last night.

In the last three years, my son and I have attended about 15 Spurs games. We have never seen any NBA D league game and have talked about driving to Austin to see the Spurs affiliate, the Toros.

After watching the fourth quarter, I think we saw a D league game. The Nets, who scored 5 points in the third quarter, suited up guys I had never heard of to play the fourth quarter. The (lack of) effort the Nets put on the court was embarrassing.

I give Avery Johnson credit for winning any games with this team. I honestly don’t think there is enough money in the world to get Phil Jackson to coach this team. Bottom line, the Nets are not a very good team and the fact that they jumped out to an 11-4 record is unreal.

Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter have developed an excellent chemistry playing together. Duncan is an excellent passer for a big man. I still love the fact that Duncan honestly believes he has never committed a foul.

The San Antonio Spurs always market themselves as the good guys of the league. Much is made about each players character. Well Spurs fans-I have some insight for you that might change your mind.

Gary Neal is a fan favorite in San Antonio. He is a journeymen that was give a chance and made it work in the Alamo City. It’s that blue-collar work ethic and sharp shooting that have made him a very popular with the city.

But did you know that Neal and another LaSalle basketball player were accused of raping a female after a party in 2003. Neal was expelled from LaSalle and faced a trial. The female testified that she was throwing up when

Neal took advantage of her. The court system acquitted Gary Neal and the other man even after initials lies and denials by both men. Living and following the Spurs, I didn’t know this until Philadelphia basketball insider, Big E told me about it.

Danny Green, another Spur fan favorite, father was arrested in 2006 in New York with over 400 pounds of cocaine and five million dollars in cash.

These guys are making Stephen Jackson look like an altar boy.

The Buffalo Bills, who I picked to make the playoffs, fired coach Chan Gailey. I asked NFL insider, Coach Schott, if the Bills had the right pieces to make a run next year.

“The Bills are a joke. They don’t have a real NFL quarterback to get receivers the ball. They also lack a true number one receiver. CJ Spiller is tough but way under utilized. Fred Jackson is really talented as well, when he’s healthy.”

I asked Coach Schott, if Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better quarterback than Jets QB Mark Sanchez?

“He is but that’s not saying much. Both are sub par NFL quarterbacks”

The Eagles fired Andy Reid after 14 years in Philly. Eagles insider, Big E, had this to say about his home town team.

“This team is maybe a 7 or 8 win team next year. It appears Nick Foles will be their quarterback because there is nothing spectacular in the draft. ”

Big E sees Chip Kelly as the next Eagles coach.

If I were Andy Reid, I would file a law suit against Madden 2013. Has anyone played the game with the Eagles?

The game has done a very good job of making the players and coaches look very life-like, but they did Coach Reid wrong!! He is probably 500 pounds on the game. Hey, hey,hey!

I am putting together my next piece that will include picks on the National Championship game and favorite WWF wrestlers from our childhood.

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