Scott’s Top 10 Films of 2012

29 Dec

Hey folks.  Scott here.  So here we are again.  We made it.  Those Mayans were ready to usher us off the planet and instead we are back with another yearly entry in my top ten best movies of 2012  I am going to preface this list by letting everyone know that I have not seen Zero Dark Thirty.  I missed the screening last week and the next one is on January 3rd.  So, I figured instead of giving you a really late “best of” list, I would carry on like the soldier that I am.  So here we go, these are my top 10 movies of 2012.  The ten movies below aren’t necessarily the best written,produced,acted, or directed movies this year, they simply entertained me or struck a chord with me long enough to make the final cut.  What do you think? What movies would you add or subtract?

10. Ted

I can’t think of a movie in 2012 that I laughed more in than Ted.  The story about a friendless child’s relationship with a talking Teddy Bear not only had heart, but was blisteringly funny. Rude, crude and ill-mannered.

9. The Avengers

Ladies and gentlemen, your box office champion of 2012. The Avengers wasn’t just a box office behemoth,but it was one of the best superhero/comic book films I have ever seen. Joss Whedon did a masterful job giving each and every character in the current Marvel universe equal screen-time.  This one is even better in 3D!

8. Looper

Director Rian Johnson’s Looper was this years Inception.  This simply fantastic sci-fi film about time traveling hit-men had moviegoers guessing until the very end and wondering if their guesses were correct? Can you say repeat viewing?

7. Cloud Atlas

Was there a more polarizing film in 2012 then Cloud Atlas? You will probably find this film on just as many “10 worst” lists this year. I loved Cloud Atlas.  Steve and I are constantly chirping that there isn’t enough originality in film anymore.  We get retread after retread. Sequel after sequel.  Cloud Atlas is a challenging film to get through, but the rewards at the end of the rainbow are a thing of beauty.  Another film that absolutely requires repeat viewings.

6. Safety Not Guaranteed

Speaking of originality, chances are you won’t ever see a film like Safety Not Guaranteed.  Is it science fiction? is it romance? Is it comedy? Is it drama?  It’s hard to label a film like Safety Not Guaranteed.  This much is certain, you will have a smile on your face for its entire run time.  Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass are fantastic as the two leads and their chemistry is palpable.  Safety Not Guaranteed is not to be missed!

5. The Cabin in the Woods

When I look back in 2012, the MOST fun I had in a movie theater was the Joss Whedon written The Cabin in the Woods. If you are a horror film geek like myself, then this movie will change the way you look at horror films from this point forward.  It’s just that simple.  A game changer!

4. Django Unchained

After I see this one a couple of times more, it might just catapult to the top of my list.  It doesn’t matter to me what Quentin Tarantino does, it’s gold.  Django Unchained is a violent masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio is an evil monster who does his best Col. Hans Landa imitation from Inglorious Basterds. Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz are also outstanding as the heart and soul behind what is essentially a buddy cop/revenge flick.  If you haven’t yet seen Django (the D is silent) Unchained, go get in line.

3. Argo

Much like 2012 was the year all the haters had to let go of everything negative they had to say about the Miami Heat’s Lebron James, I feel like this was the year it’s finally time to let go of the vitriole towards Mr. Ben Affleck. Long gone are the days of “Bennifer” and Gigli.  He started quieting the critics with Gone Baby Gone. He blew the roof of the joint with The Town. Now he has cemented himself as the “IT” director in Hollywood with Argo.  Who didn’t like this true story about the hostages in Iran and the little film “Argo” that would ultimately bring them home? We all knew how it would end, and we were all gnawing on our knuckles at the end of this film.  On a side note, how great would it be if Ben Affleck takes home the best director Oscar and for his speech, he simply walks up to the podium and says “Argo Bleep Yourself”?

2. The Dark Knight Rises

I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises three times in the movie theater and it got better every single time I saw it.  I don’t care what anyone thinks about how it should’ve ended or how it couldn’t compare with The Dark Knight.  I don’t know what movie you all were watching.  I thought The Dark Knight Rises was by far the best of the trilogy and Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece. I actually debated putting it at the top of my list, but there was only one film in my eyes that I enjoyed more.  Let’s hope Christopher Nolan’s golden touch continues with the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel.

1. Silver Linings Playbook

Okay, maybe I have to turn in my man card and start to urinate standing up, but my favorite movie of 2012 was Silver Linings Playbook.  It is the one movie this year that made me feel awkward at many different times during the movie, but had me laughing two seconds later.  I spent the last hour of the movie with a golf ball in my throat and it is in my humble opinion that there wasn’t a better acted movie all year.  If there is anyone out there that doesn’t think Jennifer Lawrence is a S-T-A-R, go see her performance in Silver Linings Playbook, she steals every scene she is in and this movie has Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker in it.  I can’t wait to see it again!

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