Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 12/20/12

20 Dec

Hey everyone – Steve here. This was all set to go up yesterday (Hump Day), but apparently a greater power didn’t want it to go live. So, here we are with a Hump Day article being posted on a Thursday. What can ya do?

So, I’m gone for a couple of weeks and Scott renames my article to include “stuff”. I see how it is! Actually, I like it a lot. It gives me a little more room to maneuver for the tremendously successful weekly article. Of course when I say tremendously successful, I’m speaking about the 7 or 8 people who read it every week. Thanks again to you guys and we hope to get it to 10 this week.

I went to Orlando for my vacation with my wife and son. It was a blast. We got to see the Grinch and we went to Mickey’s Christmas in Disney World. It was a great experience! I love seeing the facial expression on my son whenever he sees something new. He is 15 months old and seems to get excited by everything he sees. We should all look at the world through the eyes of a child – think about how much more we would enjoy it.

I wanted to make sure to take my family on vacation before the world ends Tomorrow. It’s tough to believe that we are all witnessing the final days of this world. So go out and spend all of your money and quit your jobs and all of those good things. Also, if you’d like you can send any personal belongings with any kind of value to Steve Farace @ CineSportsTalk. Thanks!

The world is not ending people – stop being ridiculous.

The Knicks are 19-6. Sweet. Carmelo Anthony has been an absolute beast.

The Angels are going to be gross this year. Joshy Hamilton now joins Albert Pujols and company in Anaheim. Both of the big boy free agents went to southern California. ZGreinke headed to the Dodgers after all reports stated that the Dodgers were pretty much under the impression that he would sign with the Rangers. So, now the Rangers, a team that had plans for either Hamilton or Greinke and Justin Upton, has none of the three. That’s the way the cookie crumbles my friends.

Still no hockey. Still don’t care. The new reports are that if there is no agreement by mid January, they will cancel the season. Why don’t the do us all a favor and do it now. Nobody cares.

The Blue Jays offseason now includes R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Melky Cabrera, a dogless Mark Buehrle. I think they might be poised to take control of the AL East. I also think that if they don’t you might just see a Marlins like fire sale. Their GM was on MLB Network last night and seemed to be a bit timid about talking about what kind of team they had and if they can compete. He gave the famous statement of “playing meaningful September baseball.” Now is the time with the Red Sox somewhere in the middle and the Yankees on the decline.

The Marlins are showing interest in Miguel Tejada to play third base. LMAOATMBTATLSOB (Laughing my ass off at the Marlins because they are the laughing-stock of baseball). Honestly, what are they doing?

Well, the end is here. The end of this article, of course. Enjoy your weekend and to all of you that celebrate it, have a very Merry Christmas and be safe!


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2 responses to “Hump Day Thoughts on Sports and Stuff – 12/20/12

  1. Benjamin Roundbottom

    December 20, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I kept waiting for the punchline in that video, when the part would come that they would open the box and the Furby would spring out and start trying to eat everyone. But….it never happened.


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