Must See Holiday Movies

09 Dec

Hey guys – Steve here.

I know you guys love the holidays just as much as this guy does. I also know that if you love the holidays, you love holiday movies! I’m not the countdown kind of guy, so while I will list a bunch of movies that you should really check out if you are feeling the holiday spirit, they are in no particular order! Of course, let me know what you think! Did I leave anything out or do you think I included one that has no business being on the list?

It’s a Wonderful Life

It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 90, you should have seen this movie. This is a classic and if you are lacking the holiday spirit somehow, check this one out again. I dare you not to like it.

A Christmas Story

Here is another classic for the holidays. It is also another one that you should set some time aside for each year. Actually, you can get your fill of it on Christmas Day – I believe TBS plays it for 24 hours straight. Red Ryder BB gun…ha!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this? Another good holiday movie, that’s what. It took me a while to see this one, but once I did I loved it. Sign yourself up if you have yet to see it.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Another classic here! I loved John Candy! He was hysterical and this one was no different. This a comedy of errors if you have ever seen one! Actually, the link that I posted above is the ENTIRE movie on YouTube! Wow! Check it out!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

What a great movie! From the Griswold family Christmas tree to Clarke’s rant about his boss, this one should be seen by the entire family! Especially if you are THAT guy that loves to overdo Christmas…that guy could be me, but if you are going to overdo anything, shouldn’t it be the holidays??

Home Alone/Home Alone 2

How many of you would have LOVED to have been Home Alone as a young child? What about all alone in a BIG city? Well, maybe not the second one, but these two movies are great and will certainly take you back in time. How many of you pretended that you were Kevin and you were fighting off robbers from your home?? Yeah, me neither!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is more of a TV special than a movie, but it still needs to be here. This is a classic that I used to always look forward to each and every year when I was a little guy. Catch this on TV every year or grab the cool little bunch they sell of all of the Charlie Brown specials. Either way, you should make this one a tradition in your home and for your family.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

You’re the, the, the, THE GRINCH! The cartoon was another one that I looked forward to each year! My Mom really doesn’t like the Grinch, but come on, he’s a good guy, no? The movie is in my top 5 holiday movies for sure. It is great for kids and adults and is both joyful and triumphant! Enjoy!


SANTA! This one is another great one. Tons of laughter and you still get the same holiday message by the end. If you don’t like this one then you’re a son of a nutcracker! That was harsh, I’m sorry!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Well, I let some of the other Christmas TV specials onto the list, I have to let Rudolph on it as well. This is another one that you should be making a part of your family tradition. There is NO excuse for not making this a part of your life!

Bad Santa

Ok, well this one is NOT for the children. Bad Santa has a lot of adult humor and it is all good humor. Check this one out when the kids go to sleep!

Miracle on 34th Street

This movie is one of the reasons I covered myself by not making this a countdown. This one would obviously be a lot higher than this on the list if I was ranking them in order. What a classic this one is! Is there or isn’t there a Santa Claus? Watch it in black and white, it adds to the classic feel!

The Polar Express

It took me a while to see this one after it came out in theaters, but it was well worth the wait! Tom Hanks brings this movie to life. Sit down with your family and pop this bad boy in and just imagine yourself on a train to the North Pole!

Ernest Saves Christmas

If we were playing a game of “Which one doesn’t belong”, this one would be your answer. That being said, if you just want to sit down to watch a silly Christmas movie, this one is a safe bet. I remember my brother taking me to see this movie in the theaters – I think. I was only 7 when this came out, but I’m almost sure of it.

Eight Crazy Nights

Adam Sandler finally took care of his Jew buddies with this one. I’m a half-Jew, so I can really appreciate this one. I thought it was funny and it tied in the right amount of emotion. Think of it as the Grinch, but with Hanukkah!

Family Man

What if you had a chance to see a glimpse of what your life would be life if one or two of the decisions that you made were different? If you have ever thought about that, then check this one out for sure!

That’s All!

I tried to get something for everyone in this list, but if you think I missed something let me know! Enjoy the holiday season and please make sure to make these movies a part of it!

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