Marlins at it again

13 Nov

by Steve Farace

This really should come as no surprise, should it? I mean the fact that a franchise such as the Miami Marlins could betray their fans again didn’t shock anyone, did it? If it did, shame on you! Last off-season the Marlins were setting up deals all over the place. They were in on Reyes and Pujols and CJ Wilson. They were talking to Buehrle and working on a deal for Carlos Zambrano. Then, just as this season was coming to a close, they were going to be taking Alex Rodriguez off of the Yankees hands.

Hey, at least they still have Carlos Zambrano.

They did a good job of unloading Heath Bell and they did get rid of John Buck. Ozzie is gone too, but this wasn’t his fault at all. Oh and how thankful are Albert Pujols, Cespedes and CJ Wilson now? On the flip side, how upset is Mike Stanton? There is no way he should feel comfortable signing a long-term deal with this team. Judging by his latest tweet, he is not so happy:

The Marlins are an absolute disgrace to the world of sports. They have betrayed their fans many times and this one has to be the last straw. This time they aren’t even breaking up the team after winning a world series. They are doing it after a failed attempt at turning this ball club into a contending team. They built a brand new stadium (which some say was built on lies) and they bought an almost entirely new team. The struggled all season long and began to sell off bits and pieces starting with Hanley Ramirez (who at least got to go to Los Angeles). The five guys that went in today’s trade – Reyes, Josh Johnson, Buehrle, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio are all headed to the Toronto Blue Jays for Yunel Escobar and some minor leaguers. You all remember Yunel Escobar, right? The guy that had a racial slur written into his eye black? Yeah, that guy.

The management of this team is a complete disgrace. Slapping their fans in the face after building them up into thinking they would contend. If you are a Marlins fan and you spend even a penny on this team next year then the joke is on you my friend. Hearing this news should cause you to rethink your fan-hood and make a switch. The Rays are close and they are nearly always in contention. Make the switch – the Marlins do not care about you and if they do they have a funny way of showing it.

Basically, anyone who was making money on the team is now gone. I’ve heard from a source that Ricky Nolasco could be next. What next? The batboys? The clubhouse attendants? What about the MANAGEMENT? You know, the ones that MANAGE the team? From owner to team president to general manager. They should ALL be gone. My heart goes out to all of the Marlin fans out there. That brand new stadium deserves to be empty each and every home game. Send a message. Accept the challenge. Do it.

PS – I’m well aware that I called him Mike Stanton through out this article. He is still Mike Stanton to me. Sorry.

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