Skyfall Review

11 Nov

by Scott Peterson

Do you remember all the outrage when Daniel Craig was cast as our favorite super spy/agent 007? Bond, James Bond? We all love the James Bond movies and whether it was Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan playing the part of 007, we all have an opinion on who we think is the best James Bond. For me, Daniel Craig has emphatically slammed the door shut on the ” who is the greatest Bond ” conversation. He is a bull in a china cabinet. He’d just assume head butt you than assault you with an array of gadgetry. He is the most human, scarred and vulnerable of all the Bonds. Sure we still get the action and crazy stunts, it’s just less cartoonish than the older versions.

So, how is the movie? Skyfall is absolutely fantastic. Director Sam Mendes has sculpted a visual masterpiece that sets the bar for every James Bond movie from this day forward. It has everything you’ve come to expect from a Bond film. A truly sadistic villain (a very creepy Javier Bardem), the Bond girls, the cars, the action and the exotic locale. The big difference this time around is it feels like the writers of Skyfall have planted Craig’s James Bond in the middle of the world we live in now rather than some crazy, half believable story centered somewhere in fantasy-land. Skyfall feels like it could be ripped from tomorrow’s newspaper headlines. There is even a scene where a bruised Bond is watching Wolf Blitzer of CNN talking about a terrorist bombing.

Part of the greatest strengths of Skyfall is how it plays homage to the Bond films of old, all while learning more and more about how James Bond really got to be the man he is today.

Get ready to get in line. As long as Daniel Craig is steering the Aston Martin, the Bond franchise is in great hands.

Final Word – 4 stars

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