Marlins fire Guillen

23 Oct

Hey all…Steve here.

So the Marlins didn’t exactly meet the expectations of their fans, the media and their management this year? It started with them on The Franchise on Showtime and has now officially ended with the firing of Ozzie Guillen. There were the comments he made about Fidel Castro, then the Heath Bell situation and then the Hanley Ramirez situation.

Ozzie was never known for his under the radar managerial style and he has enjoyed success in the past with the White Sox, but his time in Miami was the complete opposite of what was expected. The Marlins won just 69 games this year when they were expected to at least make the play-offs.

Guillen is now unemployed with 3 years left on his contract and that comes out to $7.5 million that the Marlins are paying him to go away. That is the 7th manager under Jeffrey Loria. Maybe he is the problem.

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