Coaches Corner – 10/23/12

23 Oct

by Yankee Todd

My two-minute warning

Captain Clutch!

Eli Manning’s heroics under pressure never shock me.  Down three with less than two minutes! No problem.  On the biggest stage and in the biggest city, it doesn’t affect the most unassuming star that Gotham city has ever produced.  Injuries and back ups never faze him. There’s never an excuse and  there’s never anyone to blame.

The shock to me was how Washington blew their coverage and allowed Victor Cruz to run free down the middle of the field.  The salsa dancing king has inspired my 10-year-old son Andrew to dance with him.

Eli doesn’t even have a healthy Hakeem Nicks, who I could argue that when healthy, he is a legit star.

The Redskins have shown tremendous improvement with RG3 and the Giants were on the ropes by their division rival for the third straight time until Eli waved his magic wand again.

Now the Giants travel to the Lone Star state to challenge the Cowboys. Eli played his worst half of football against the Cowboys back in September. Don’t think he hasn’t watched that half on video hundreds of times.  I fully expect the Cowboys to give the a Giants their best shot but in the end, there isn’t anyone I would rather have with the ball in the last two minutes of the game than Captain Clutch.

Giants 24-Cowboys 20.

The Giants are a true contender to defend their title this year!

Shocking news out of Knicks camp- Amare Stoudemire is injured and expected to miss 2-3 weeks.  I hope I am wrong, but is his contract as bad as Arod’s?

The Yankees need to sign Marco Scutaro! The guy is always in the playoffs and he seems to always come up with a big hit.  Former college baseball player, Aaron Semper and I are on the right page with players like Scutaro.

Hats off to the Syracuse Orange and their big win against UCONN Friday night. Regardless of their record, the Orange are competing every week.  Tough losses to USC and Northwestern should have the fan base excited about the future of the program.

This week the Orange travel to South Florida. This is a must win for the Orange. A win would improve their record to 4-4 and give them a shot at the post season.

Here’s what I think Syracuse needs to do to take that next step.

Great programs lock down stars in their own back hard. Miami circled the state in the 1980’s.

Texas locks down their homegrown talent as juniors.

Syracuse, while not in their league, must lock down the state of New York. Any recruit that has division one potential has to consider Syracuse and more importantly know that Syracuse wants them.  Locking down New York and then having successes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut will give them the athletes to be successful. Then every once in a while they will find a Donovan McNabb and propel them into the top 10.

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One response to “Coaches Corner – 10/23/12

  1. Aaron

    October 24, 2012 at 8:13 am

    No clutch talk about Tony Romeo huh? lol The Cowboys are a joke. Giants look like they are gearing up for another tough playoff run.


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