New in Theaters – 10/19/12

18 Oct

Paranormal Activity 4

The fourth installment in the popular horror franchise

Scott’s Take

Here we go.  You know what you are getting with the Paranormal franchise.  At this point, the Paranormal Activity films are critic proof.  They keep churning out the same friggin movie and people show up in droves.  Count me out. As I’ve stated on the podcast this week, I’ve already seen Paranormal Activity three times. At least the fourth installment is finally getting terrible reviews. Could this be the end of the road? I doubt it.

Steve’s Take

For those of you that liked the first 3 then you should see this without hesitation. I would, however, like you all to just let us know in the comments section exactly what you see in these movies? I was ok with the first one, but have been upset with the rest. Don’t do it to yourself again!

Alex Cross

Alex Cross follows the young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry), from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller. — (C) Lionsgate

Scott’s Take

I’m just not feeling Tyler Perry in the lead on this one.  All I see is Madea running around with a shotgun.  Maybe Alex Cross will surprise me but judging strictly from the trailer, it has “wait for Blu-Ray” written all over it. let us know what you think.

Steve’s Take

I was talking to some people who are big fans of Tyler Perry and even they thought this was not the role for him. I just don’t see it going over all that well. Stay home and watch some television – perhaps you can catch up on The Walking Dead…wink wink.

Next Week

That’s pretty much all we have going wide this weekend.  I don’t like either paranormal Activity 4 or Alex Cross.  Save your money and go see Argo.  It’s the best movie I’ve seen this year and is sure to rack up the Oscar nominations.  Next week we have Cloud Atlas, Silent Hill:Revelation 3D, and Chasing Mavericks.  Have a great weekend everybody!

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