Coaches Corner – 10/14/12

14 Oct

by Yankee Todd

Every Yankee fan felt a pain in their heart when the Captain was carried off the field Saturday night. Jeter has been the kind of player that my father always talked about he grew up watching. A classy ball player that brought his lunch to work every day. He is the kind of player you can have your son look up to. He plays the game the right way and his name wasn’t linked to parties or PED’s.  Coming off a tremendous season, the loss of Jeter probably equals the exit of the Yankees sooner than later.

Here are a few things I learned this weekend.

1) Raul Ibanez deserves to have his number retired by the Yankees right now.

2) Jim Leyland deserves to be fired! Yes, I said it. How did the Tigers under-achieve all year with this team?  They should have won 100-105 games and had the season locked up in August.

3). As much as my man Coach Schott hates Joe Girardi, he had done a very good job with this team. From injuries to the smoke and mirrors Girardi had to use to make the playoffs, the Yankees are not a very
good team. They didn’t drive in runners in scoring position all season, why should they now?

4). It’s hard to win in Lubbock, Texas. West Virginia found out as their hopes of a national championship were destroyed this weekend. Seth Doege looked more  like the Heismam front-runner than Geno Smith did.

5). Oklahoma owns Mack Brown and the University of Texas. A 63-21 point smack down was not what I expected. After battling West Virginia to the bitter end the week before, I felt the Longhorns had returned
to the national scene. Now the state with the most arm-chair quarterbacks in the world, they are calling for the job of Mack Brown. If you  watched the game yesterday, the Horns appeared a step slow and unprepared.  Starting quarterback David Ash left the game with what appeared to be a broken left wrist. The Longhorns are not confirming the injury and made a statement that they would not release any news about his injury. It looks  like the season for the Longhorns now will come down to being saved by a familiar name. McCoy. The younger
brother of Colt MCCoy, Case McCoy showed promise in mop up duty against a group of Sooners that might as well have included Toby Keith.

6) As the University of Texas spirals out of control, their rival Texas AM continues to be the hottest thing in the Lone Star State. The Aggies had to hold on to defeat Louisiana Tech 59-57 Saturday night. Johnny Football, the exciting quarterback otherwise known as Johnny Manziel,  accounted for six touchdowns. He led the team in rushing with 181 yards and three scores and passed for 395 yards with three touchdown passes. The Aggies only loss this year has been to the University of Florida. Next week, the Aggies host LSU. Johnny Football will have an opportunity to introduce himself to the nation. He’s already a legend in Texas and I’m calling for an Aggie victory over LSU next week to thrown Manziel’s name into the Heisman trophy race! You heard it here

7)  The University of Texas at San Antonio lost to Rice this weekend spoiling its chance to go undefeated. In just its second season of football, the Roadrunners are now 5-1.

8) Coach Tim Woods, a very successful high school basketball coach in San Antonio, is also a Dallas Cowboys insider. When asked why the Cowboys struggle at times to live up to their high expectations, I will paraphrase what the Coach told me. As a high school coach, he deals with emotional roller coasters with teenagers. He can understand their lack of consistency. He can even see some of that in the college ranks. But he fails to see how
professional athletes  can struggle with consistency.

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