Coaches Corner – 10/6/12

06 Oct

My 2 Minute Warning

The New York Yankees late season melt down overshadowed the Texas Rangers epic collapse.  The Yankees were able to pull out of their late swoon and rebound with a convincing sweep of the Boston Red Sox.  The Rangers could not rebound and now their season comes down to a one game playoff.

The Yankee sweep, which saw Robinson Cano go from Clark Kent to Superman, thrust the Yankees back into discussion for a legit chance to win a world series.

Couple Cano’s return as the best hitter in baseball with Ichiro smacking the ball all over the park and the Yankees offense is suddenly a force again.  A healthy Mark Teixeira, is a good thing, contrary to what my man Dean Schott believes.  Nick Swisher is the kind of guy who could be riding the back of a New York City Police Officer’s horse as the Yankees celebrate another championship!

CC Sabathia has tossed three dominant performances in a row.  Andy Pettitte is back and Hiroki Kuroda gives the Yankees a competitive 1-2-3.

The Yankees will live or die by their bullpen.  Without Mariano Rivera as their Ace in the Hole, I believe their starting pitching and offense will have to carry the Yankees to the Series.


The Boston Red Sox embarrassment of a season ended with the firing of Bobby V.    I almost feel sorry for the fans of Boston.  They deserve better.  But I don’t feel bad for the organization or the coaching staff.

The culture within the organization is in the toilet.  From finger-pointing to selling each other out, the organization needs a re-do.  Is there any chance to bring back Tito?


Hats off to Miguel CabreraLike Halley’s Comet, a triple crown only comes around once in a lifetime.


Keep the name Johnny Manziel in the back of your mind if you have not already heard of the Texas A&M quarterback.  The redshirt freshman from Texas originally committed to Oregon because he was un-noticed by the University of Texas, A&M, and Tech.  Manziel put up sick numbers in high school and is doing the same thing in the SEC through four games.

I saw Manziel play in high school numerous times and saw one of the best high school shootouts ever that he had a part in.  His team lost to Aaron Green of Madison HS  (now TCU) 69-56.  Green rushed for 428 yards and 9 touchdowns.  Manziel, a sophomore on that team, started at tailback in that game before being moved to QB three games into the season.

Spend some time on YouTube if you don’t believe me.  Could Johnny Manziel one day win a Heisman trophy?  If he continues to progress and put up sick numbers – the stats don’t lie!

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