Coaches Corner – 10/1/12

01 Oct

The 2 minute warning

Here are my observations from an action packed weekend of sports news.

Upon further review, who ever won the NFL Coach of the Year the last three or four years, needs to return the award to the commish.  Why?

Isn’t it obvious to everyone the significance of Sean Payton to the success of the Saints?

The Saints are 0-4.  They have about the same team, just without their leader.

Every so often, we think that the head coach is just a figure-head.  In this case, we realize just how important an excellent coach is to a team.


The University of Texas went into Stillwater, Oklahoma and defeated Oklahoma State Saturday evening 41-36.  QB David Ash, a huge question mark coming into the season, showed poise and confidence that hasn’t been seen in Austin since Colt McCoy with a tremendous 2 minute game winning drive.

This was AS big a win as any for Coach Mack Brown since the 2005 Rose Bowl.  Yes, I said it.  While the Longhorns have won games and even played Alabama for a National Championship, this game was huge in announcing to the world that the University of Texas was back.

Now, next Saturday night, the Longhorns will face off with Geno Smith and the University of West Virginia.

The over/under could be 100 in that game.


Words cannot describe the game between West Virginia and Baylor.

At the half, the teams had accounted for a total of 70 points and over 700 yards.  WV finished with over 800 total yards offensively and Baylor accounted for 700.

I bet the scoreboard operator needed a day off following his work Saturday.

Geno Smith was 45-51 for 656 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Baylor QB Nick Florence was 29-47 for 581 yards and 5 scores.

Baylor receiver Terrance Williams had 17 catches for 314 yards and 2 scores.

WV wide receiver Stedman Bailey had 13 catches for 303 yards and five touchdowns.

His teammate, Tavon Austin had 14 receptions and 215 yards with two scores.

These numbers are not even possible when playing Madden.

This was a glorified pick-up game on an empty field in middle America.  We have all been a part of them.  My favorite memory of back yard football was when Coach Schott, playing defense, knocked out a receiver who looked like former American Idol singer Bo Bice.

I am just happy to say that I watched part of the Baylor and WV game.


College football insider @DaveChazzer gave me his top three Heisman candidates on Friday (Before the West Virginia and Baylor game.

Geno Smith, De’Anthony Thomas, and Aaron Murray.  Geno is clearly the most complete QB in the country.  D Thomas is another great running back in the amazing Oregon offense, but you still have to it so I give him a lot of credit.  Aaron Murray is the glue that Georgia has needed for the last five years.  They have seriously underachieved because of lack of stability at the QB position.  I know what you are saying now, What, no Braxton (Miller)?  (@DaveChazzer is a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan).  I have been to every game and can’t vote for a guy when the rest of the team is so bad.  It is exactly like Denard Robinson last year.  I don’t think he made the rest of the team better, and I don’t think Braxton is doing that right now either.

My number one team right now is Alabama, although they need to improve on offense.  I wanted to say Oregon but I can’t based on Alabama’s huge wins against Michigan and the Hogs.  All of this can change in the blink of an eye, you know college football!”


Which was worse –

The performance that Phil Hughes gave the Yanks on Sunday when they needed a big win?


The horrible mustache he was trying to grow?


The Bills are Western New York’s team.  They have some outstanding fans.  Somehow, all these fans seem to look-alike.  How is that possible?

No matter the temperature, there are large men without shirts on at every game.

Some fans wear  real helmets the entire game.

This year’s Bills team is fun to watch.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing excellent ball.     If they can stay healthy, the two headed monster of Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller is as dangerous a 1-2 combo that the league has.

I picked the Bills to make the playoffs this year.  Looks like my prediction could come true this year.  Western New York deserves it.

They can’t repeat their epic second half melt down, but the excitement is in the air Rich Stadium.


The Jets are difficult to watch.  Their offense is pathetic.  I haven’t seen an offense this bad since I couldn’t move the ball as offensive coordinator of my son’s 10 and under tackle football team.  The following week, I stepped down as OC, it was that bad.  Don’t be surprised if this is Rex Ryan’s final year in NYC.


It has gone under the radar and will do all year.  The University of Texas at San Antonio football team, in their second season, defeated New Mexico State in the Roadrunners first WAC conference win.  UTSA improved to 5-0 on the season.

UTSA has a big game next weekend against Rice.

Head Coach Larry Coker is doing an excellent job of building a program with full community support.  In the talent rich state of Texas, winning will draw recruits to the San Antonio campus.

A huge game for bragging rights will be against Texas State on November 24th.  Texas State is located about 45 miles north of San Antonio.

Remember, my son Andrew, a 10-year-old defensive end and tight end committed to UTSA two years ago.


The Knicks signed Rasheed Wallace this weekend.  Add Wallace to Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby and I would have been really excited about that team 10 years ago.

While I see the Knicks logic, build a team of veterans with playoff experience, the Knicks do not need guys my age.

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