Coaches Corner – 9/26/12

26 Sep


The 2 Minute Warning

Driving to work today, I heard this radio announcement.  “Due to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, the San Antonio Silver Stars playoff game is being moved from the SBC Center (Home of the Spurs) to the Freeman Coliseum (It’s like playing in the small gym).”

Think about that statement for a minute.

What is more shocking?  The fact that the WNBA is already into the playoffs? Or the fact the Chili Peppers have moved ahead of the WNBA Playoffs in order of importance?


Stevie Wonder would have made the right call at the end of the Green Bay and Seattle Seahawks game!


Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul) who has officiated local YMCA and CYO games had this to say about the replacement referees in the NFL.

“I think the replacement refs are doing a good job considering the high-profile job they have.  All they do is get criticized whether they are doing good or not.  Regular officials take a lot of heat on a weekly basis.  So the replacement refs are in a no win situation.  They either blow the whistle too much or not enough.”

When asked if the replacement referees had made the right call at the end of the Packers and Seahawks game, Derrick Paul shared a similar story of a time he made a crucial call at the end of a “Little Dribblers” game.

Derrick Paul added, “I’m all about fairness, I take back what I said about the refs, they are stupid.”


Andy was dandy Monday night against the Twins tossing six innings of shutout baseball.  Curtis Granderson became just the fifth Yankee to have back to back seasons with 40 or more home runs in its storied history.

I felt bad for Phil Hughes last night, he really put in a solid performance against the Twins only to have the bullpen blow a lead.  With Baltimore losing to the Blue jays, the Yankees had a real opportunity to step on the O’s and put some distance between them.

Is a pitching rotation of CC Sabiatha,  Hiroki Kuroda,  Andy Pettitte and possibly Phil Hughes or Ivan Nova good enough to win a world championship for the Yankees?

A healthy Pettitte brought back memories of October’s past.  There is no one that I trust more than Andy Pettitte in a must-win situation in the post season.

Do the Yankees have enough to schedule a parade in the Canyon of Heroes?  My father would say no, but I always think the ghosts of Yankees past will propel them to the top.  If the bull pen can’t be trusted . . .

Coach Schott, my Yankee insider, claims to have watched every pitch of every Yankee game this year.  When asked for three reasons the Yankees would win the World Series this year, he responded, “I love the Yankees like they are family and I have racked my brain all day and can’t come up with three reasons why they will win the World Series.  The only way is for other teams to fall apart and us to get much hotter. “

Coach Schott added that if Joe Girardi were constantly thrown out of games the Yankees would have a better opportunity to win.


Dallas Cowboys insider, Tim Woods on what the Cowboys must do as they prepare for their Monday night contest against the Bears.

“They must do what every team in the NFL must do.  They can’t turn the ball over, they have to be able to run the football, and convert on third downs.  I am not sure what the stats are but if you can do that, you probably win 75% of your games.  The Cowboys are not good at any of those right now.  They are also not making plays when available (drops) and penalties.”

Cowboys insider Tim Woods is not very optimistic about the Cowboys chances, it appears.


With the Mets next loss, they will be eliminated from playoff contention next season.


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