Hump Day Thoughts on Sports – 9/12/12

12 Sep

by Steve Farace

So…how did you all do in your fantasy football leagues this past weekend? I just happened to win all 3 of my games and 2 of them I won by 1 point! Doesn’t get much more exciting than that! Well, it was more nerve testing than anything else. Demaryius Thomas was absolutely money for me. I love the fact that Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning, but we will get to that soon. This coming week I will be facing Scott in one of my leagues – I will let you know how badly I beat him by in next weeks Hump Day article. Let’s hop to it!

Getting back to Peyton. Who else has missed watching the 6’5″ Laser Rocket arm? It doesn’t matter what team you are a fan of, Peyton being back in the NFL is good for the game. It is especially good for the fans of the Broncos. They just went from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning…lmao. Sorry, Timmy. Facts are facts – you’re just not that good of a quarterback (sorry, Skip).

Hockey might be going through another lock-out. Last year was the first time that I watched hockey for about 12 years and I was really getting into it with the Rangers moving through the playoffs and even when they were eliminated. If there is another lock-out, I am done. Count me out for good NHL. Goodbye. Peace-out.

Back to me again. I’m currently involved in the first round of the Fantasy Baseball playoffs. I’m currently getting my clock cleaned. Thanks, Mikey. You are officially going to break the streak of losing to me since May 2010. I know it had to end sometime, but why not the regular season? Huh, why NOT??

Tony Romo sucks. Yeah I know he had a great game. He still sucks (says the Giants fan). Get off my back.

Basketball training camps open up in 2-3 weeks. Everyone ready for that again? If you are a Heat fan then why not? You have the best team going and you have the best players in the world. Must feel good guys, must feel good. Hey, Knicks fans (yes I’m talking to myself leave me alone) J.R. Smith has guaranteed a championship – let that sink in for a bit.

That’s about all for this week! Hope your hump day is going well and that you’re on your way to an enjoyable weekend! If I missed something or if you’d like to battle it out on something you didn’t agree with feel free to leave a comment!

Talk to you guys next hump day!


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