Red Dawn trailer is here!

10 Aug

Steve here.

So what do you remember about Red Dawn? Other than the fact that it came out in 1984 and starred Patrick Swayze? Yeah…me too. I was 3 when this movie came out. I guess when this kind of thing is relevant to the world, it has more of an emotional impact on us. Well, I guess Hollywood is always up for a solid takeover! That being said, here is yet another remake from the world of Hollywood. This time we will insert Chris Hemsworth as the leader for the United States in their battle against “People’s Liberation Army”. Just another anti-American group that we have to deal with. So for those of you that have seen the original – are you excited for this one? Let us know!

Also – check out both the original trailer and the trailer for the remake that is coming out on November 21st!


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