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06 Aug

The Lorax

The 3D-CGI feature Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is an adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ classic tale of a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope. The animated adventure follows the journey of a boy as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. — (C) Universal

Scott’s Take

I had high expectations for The Lorax. It looked funny. It’s beautiful to look at, it’s just not very funny. Then again I am judging the movie from an adult perspective. I’m sure the younglings will love it.

Steve’s Take

This one is certainly for the young gals and girls. Keep that in mind and just think of the hours of free time you will have when you plop your kiddos in front of the television and pop this bluray in!


Bob Marley’s universal appeal, impact on music history and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled. Marley is the definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom. Made with the support of the Marley family, the film features rare footage, incredible performances and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best. — (C) Official Site

Scott’s Take

I have been waiting to check this out on Bluray. I am a huge Bob Marley fan (I am listening to him as I type this sentence). So anytime I get a chance to see rare footage of the “legend”, you can sign me up.

Steve’s Take

When this one was released to just a few theaters, it was one of the more difficult tickets to obtain. That being said, I can’t wait to watch this one this week!

Bel Ami

Bel Ami is the story of Georges Duroy, who travels through 1890s Paris, from cockroach ridden garrets to opulent salons, using his wits and powers of seduction to rise from poverty to wealth, from a prostitute’s embrace to passionate trysts with wealthy beauties, in a world where politics and media jostle for influence, where sex is power and celebrity an obsession. — (C) Magnolia

Scott’s Take

My wife made me On Demand this one and it put me to sleep within an hour. There is great production value, but otherwise Bel Ami is the cure for insomnia. On a side note – my wife loved it. I asked her if Robert Pattinson wasn’t in it, would it be as good. She never answered that question.

Steve’s Take

I guess I should just be lucky that my wife never saw this preview, thus not wanting to see it. Scott – make sure you keep this on the DL so your boy doesn’t have to spend any time in misery. Thanks.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Most people have trouble deciding what to say when they’re asked what they’ve been doing with their lives at a High School reunion, but Martin Blank (as played by John Cusack) has a different problem than most — he has to make his career sound less interesting than it actually is. Martin is a former CIA operative who is now a freelance hit man, making good money for killing people he doesn’t know. However, Martin’s game has been a bit off lately; he’s no longer happy in his work, and both his secretary Marcella (Joan Cusack) and his psychiatrist, Dr. Oatman (Alan Arkin), who is more than a bit nervous about having a hired assassin as a patient, think that Martin should accept an offered assignment in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, his old home town, which would conveniently coincide with his ten year high school reunion. While in Grosse Pointe, Martin discovers that his high school sweetheart, Debi Newberry (Minnie Driver), is still living in town, and still holds a grudge against him for standing her up on prom night. While Martin tries to sort out his past and tie up loose ends with Debi (whom he still loves), he discovers someone in Grosse Pointe is out to kill him; he’s also confronted by the highly unstable Mr. Grocer (Dan Aykroyd), a fellow hit man who wants Martin to join forces with him and form a union and isn’t keen on taking no for an answer. Grosse Pointe Blank was a pet project for star John Cusack, who co-wrote the screenplay and also served as co-producer. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Scott’s Take

I haven’t seen Grosse Pointe Blank in over a decade. This movie was twisted and for me, Jeremy Piven stole the show. Grosse Pointe Blank was the movie that revitalized John Cusack’s career. I look forward to revisiting this Bluray in the near future.

Steve’s Take

Jeremy Piven is the man. Why wouldn’t you want to own this one on bluray? I mean, at only $12.99 on Amazon, how can you go wrong??

Adventures in Babysitting

Teenager Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) would rather party with her boyfriend, but when her beau breaks their date she reluctantly accepts a babysitting job. It isn’t all TV and icebox-raiding when Chris’ best friend Brenda (Penelope Ann Miller) calls her to announce that she’s stranded at the bus station. With her youthful charges in tow (one of whom, 15-year-old Brad (Keith Coogan), has a hopeless crush on the babysitter), Chris heads into downtown Chicago to go to Brenda’s rescue. Thus begins a roller coaster ride of comic mishaps, unexpected perils and hairbreadth escapes. IN one bit, blues singer Albert Collins refuses to allow Chris and company to leave the nightclub they’ve wandered into until they agree to sing along with a song borrowed from, of all things the 1939 B-picture Nancy Drew, Reporter! . Screenwriter and Steven Spielberg protégé Chris Columbus made his directorial debut with Adventures in Babysitting. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Scott’s Take

Adventures in Babysitting was such a fun movie for those of us who can remember seeing it in the movie theater.  Yes, I am old.  No one leaves here without singing the blues. Do you think movies today can get away with what movies back then did? My guess that calling Thor a homo in a movie today would be met with immediate backlash…and I suppose for good reason.

Steve’s Take

Wow – it is hard to believe that this is a 25th anniversary version of this movie. Sorry Scott, I was only 6 when this movie came out.

High Fidelity

A man discovers that there’s more to love than a good mixed tape in this dramatic comedy about music and relationships. Rob (John Cusack), an obsessive record collector in his mid-thirties, is struggling to reconcile his adolescent enthusiasm for pop music with adult responsibilities and a more mature outlook. He runs a record shop with his friends Barry (Jack Black) and Dick (Todd Louiso), who are known to drive away customers whose taste in music doesn’t match their exacting standards — which may have something to do with why the shop is losing money. But Rob’s biggest problem is his failing relationship with Laura (Iben Hjejle), a lawyer who needs more out of the relationship than Rob is capable of giving. To Rob’s horror, Laura starts dating Ian (Tim Robbins), his upstairs neighbor, known throughout the building for his long and noisy sex sessions. Rob, on the other hand, finds himself catching the attention of singer/songwriter Marie DeSalle (Lisa Bonet), as he tries to deal with his breakup by tracking down his previous ex-girlfriends and taking a fresh look at what he’s been doing wrong. Based on the acclaimed novel by Nick Hornby, High Fidelity also features Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lili Taylor, and Joelle Carter as three of Rob’s ex-lovers, and Sara Gilbert as Dick’s new girlfriend, who gets a crash course in U.K. punk bands that influenced Green Day. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Scott’s Take

Part two of John Cusack’s resurgance tour was High Fildelity. I have to admit I wasn’t overly impressed with the story about a man seeking out his ex-girlfriends to see what he had done to drive them away. Doesn’t it seem like that story has been done a million times since?

Steve’s Take

Good little movie. Another one priced right at $12.99 at Amazon. Go scoop this one up! It seemed like a fresh idea at the time, don’t punish it for what has been done since.


In this spoof of McCarthy-era paranoia and 1950s wholesomeness, the characters and plot are drawn from the popular Parker Brothers board game of the same name. On a dark and stormy night in 1954, six individuals with ties to Washington are assembled for a dinner party at the swanky mansion of one Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving). Boddy’s butler, Wadsworth (Tim Curry), assigns each guest a colorful name: Mr. Green (Michael McKean), Col. Mustard (Martin Mull), Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), and Mrs. White (Madeline Kahn). Two additional servants, the Cook (Kellye Nakahara) and Yvette, the maid (Colleen Camp), assist Wadsworth as he informs the guests that they have been gathered to meet the man who has been blackmailing them: Mr. Boddy. When Boddy turns up dead, however, the guests must try to figure out who killed him so they can protect their own reputations and keep the body count from growing. Three separate endings were filmed for Clue and shown in different theaters; all three are collected for the video edition. Although the film is set in the 1950s, the original Clue game was actually devised by Anthony Pratt, a clerk in Leeds, England, to pass the time during World War II air-raid drills. First released in 1946 under the name Cluedo by British manufacturer Waddington’s, Clue was renamed and released in the U.S. in 1949. Today, Clue/Cluedo is marketed in 70 countries around the world and has been adapted into a British game show and an off-Broadway musical. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Scott’s Take

I never liked Clue the game. I never liked Clue the movie. I didn’t care who killed Mrs.Peacock in the study with a wrench. Do you know what I did care about? That this movie was ALWAYS on HBO hogging up air time. I’m all Clued out!

Steve’s Take

I will take a solid pass on this one. I just don’t think it is that appealing of a movie.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Two dimwitted pals attempt to fib their way through their high school reunion with disastrous results in this bubbly comedy from David Mirkin, frequent director of the cult TV sitcom Get a Life!. Los Angeles dim-bulbs Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michelle (Lisa Kudrow) have been best friends since childhood. Their shared passions include shopping, club-hopping, and creating their own candy-colored fashions. When their tenth high school reunion looms, the friends realize that their lives are not impressive enough to cow the popular crowd that tormented them in their teen years. So Romy borrows a Jaguar, and the duo concocts a story about how they became top corporate executives by creating Post-It Notes. Once they are at the reunion, however, Romy and Michelle’s scheme unravels. Saturnine classmate Heather (Janeane Garofalo), who really did make a fortune as an inventor, exposes their fraud, and the girls find themselves mocked again, by everyone except Sandy Frink (Alan Cumming), a nerd millionaire with a lingering crush on Michelle. Kudrow reprised the role of Michelle from her late 1980s stage performance in the play Ladies’ Room by Robin Schiff, who expanded both the play and the part of Michelle for the feature film version. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Scott’s Take

One of the greatest lines in movie history. ” Fuck off Tobey”  I loved Romy and Michele and will definitely be watching this one again!

Steve’s Take

Another anniversary release – this time it is of the 15 year variety. Funny movie that hasn’t lost its luster. Go for it. $14.85 on Amazon? Can’t beat it!


A space bum helps rescue a princess from an evil overlord with the help of a benevolent elder in this Star Wars send-up written and directed by Mel Brooks. Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man, half-dog co-pilot, Barf the Mawg (John Candy), are content to scour the galaxy living the easy life. But they reluctantly come to the rescue when Druish Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) is threatened by the evil Lord Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis), who wants to steal all of the air from her planet, Druidia. Trapped on a harsh desert world with Vespa and her robot chaperone, Dot Matrix (voice of Joan Rivers), Lone Starr and Barf are helpless to prevent Helmet from kidnapping the girl. But assistance arrives in the form of Yogurt (Brooks), a wizard who turns Lone Starr on to a mysterious power known as The Schwartz. Catching up with Helmet just as he’s transforming his spaceship into a giant vacuum cleaner in orbit around Druidia, the reluctant heroes stage a dramatic showdown. Although it borrows most of its plot from the Star Wars series, Spaceballs also pokes fun at Star Trek, Snow White, and Planet of the Apes — as well as the entire videocassette and movie marketing industries. The large supporting cast includes Dick Van Patten, Jim J. Bullock, and the voice of Dom DeLuise. John Hurt makes a cameo in a parody of the exploding chest scene he played in Alien. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Scott’s Take

Another 80’s movie I’ve seen 2 dozen times. I’m not quite sure how Spaceballs holds up nowadays, but from a pure nostalgia standpoint, don’t we owe it to ourselves to own Spaceballs on Blu?  I mean who doesn’t want to see Pizza the Hut in 1080P?

Steve’s Take

25 years and counting for this one. I think this one is worth buying. I will always remember John Candy for the little morning cartoon camp show that used to be on in the 90’s. I can’t remember the name of it, but I still see his character with the VHS tape in his hand and bringing it real close to the camera and calling it 3D. Can anyone tell me the name of the cartoon? I don’t feel like googling right now. Thanks.

Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Kubrick’s return to filmmaking after a seven-year hiatus, this film crystallizes the experience of the Vietnam War by concentrating on a group of raw Marine volunteers. Based on Gustav Hasford’s novel The Short Timers, the film’s first half details the volunteers’ harrowing boot-camp training under the profane, power-saw guidance of drill instructor Sgt. Hartman (R. Lee Ermey, a real-life drill instructor whose performance is one of the most terrifyingly realistic on record). Part two takes place in Nam, as seen through the eyes of the now thoroughly indoctrinated marines. Ironically, Full Metal Jacket was filmed almost entirely in England. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Scott’s Take

To this day, Full Metal Jacket is still one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen.  It’s one of my top 5 war movies ever made and is a MUST own on Bluray.  If I could only choose one movie to buy this week, this would be the one!

Steve’s Take

Really good movie and I couldn’t agree with Scott more on this one. Go grab this one! Ah hem…$14.95 on Amazon!

Evan Almighty

40-Year-Old Virgin star Steve Carell reprises his role as preening newscaster Evan Baxter in this heavenly sequel to the 2003 Jim Carrey comedy hit. Shortly after television anchorman-turned-U.S. congressman Evan Baxter (Carell) relocates his family from Buffalo to Northern Virginia, God (Morgan Freeman) reveals to him that a devastating flood is coming and the planet is about to be cleansed once again. Later, when Baxter accepts the responsibility of building a great ark and his rapidly changing physical appearance begins to draw media attention, his skeptical family attempts to discern if his actions are driven by delusion or divine intervention. John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill, and Molly Shannon co-star in a divine comedy of truly epic proportions. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Scott’s Take

I wasn’t a huge fan of Bruce Almighty and I think even less of his unfunny, cash grab little brother. My main problem with Evan Almighty is that I didn’t find Steve Carell’s character funny in Bruce Almighty.  So it was tough to sit through a whole movie based on someone I found annoying from the start.  That being said, I know a lot of you liked this movie.  To each is own!

Steve’s Take

I enjoyed Bruce Almighty, but Evan Almighty was a completely different story. I hated it – it was so boring. Actually, I’m not a huge fan of most of Carell’s work. Also, I was never a fan of The Office…there, I said it.

Next Week

Okay Kiddos. Those are all of our wide releases this week.  Next week is another big week with the release of Stephen Spielberg’s classic Jaws.  The Raid: Redemption, Fallen, New Jack City, Romeo Must Die, Cradle to the Grave, The Royal Tenenbaums and much more.  Have a great week.


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