Biel to be in new Wolverine movie

17 Jul

Steve here again. So were you excited about Wolverine? Regardless of your answer, what if I told you that Jessica Biel was now going to be in it as Viper? Now this could go one of two ways. There are guys out there that were on the fence about it and will now flock to see it to go catch some major eye candy and then there will be some guys that think she did a terrible job in Blade III and won’t want to see Wolverine anymore. By the way this goes for the ladies out there as well before I’m labeled as a sexist pig.

Which side of the fence are you on? Read the blurb from our buddy Corwin Neuse over at The Hitlist on MSN and then let us know:

When will the madness end? Every day it seems another villainous role is cast for Fox’s upcoming “The Wolverine.” According to Deadline, the latest actor to join the fray is none other than Jessica Biel, who will play frequent X-Men/Avengers foe Viper.

Just who, exactly, is Viper? According to all reputable sources, by which we mean Wikipedia—not to mention our own exhaustive original research into such matters, by which we mean that one time we read an “X-Men” comic—Viper bounces between evil and not-so-good, and at one point blackmails Wolverine into marrying her. Sexy!

Of course, the Viper is also a frequent ally of/boss to previously announced “The Wolverine” villain Silver Samurai. So it seems safe to expect Biel to be at her unnervingly beautiful, vaguely evil middle-management type best in the forthcoming film. Because nobody would believe it if she were the true evil mastermind, would they? The one with the grand schemes, pulling all the strings. No, that would be too weird. She would just have to be a misunderstood pawn of evil, pushing around all the other, lesser pawns.


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