Linsanity turns to Insanity

16 Jul

Hello ladies and gents.  Scott here again..  I wouldn’t normally comment on the state of the New York Knickerbockers nation, but I wanted to chime in on a topic that started out as a great feel good story, but has recently turned in to a lesson in absolute ridiculousness. Before I unabashedly rip in to one Mr. Jeremy Lin, let me preface my outrage by concurring with the masses that Linsanity was a season changer for the New York Knicks and great for the National Basketball Association.

Now that I got that out-of-the-way, what is going on in Houston? I get the whole “Let’s tear up the team for Dwight Howard” angle that they have been playing for the past month.  Regardless of if Dwight Howard signs an extension with the Houston Rockets, it is a ballsy move by an organization that has been reeling since the days of Hakeem the Dream and  future Hall of Famer Mario Ellie.  At best Rockets GM Daryl Morrey convinces Dwight Howard to stay and they build around the best center in the NBA.  At worst, you have a valuable trade commodity you could surely deal at the deadline for much more than you paid.

The real head scratcher here is the offer the Houston Rockets made to New York Knick guard Jeremy Lin.  Yes, the same Jeremy Lin that was cut by the Houston Rockets at the beginning of last season only to catch on with the Knicks as their 12th man. Lin had a great run before he injured his knee late in the year.  He was great for basketball and united a Knick fan base that needed something to stand up and cheer about. Lin needed a lot of luck and a great basketball market to succeed. Not only did Lin get both, he won the lottery in the process. He had stretches of brilliance but ended up being reduces to a feel good footnote in a very short New York Knick playoff run.  Can somebody please tell me how Lin received an offer of 3 years and 25 million for what essentially was 25 starts last year? I’m no math major but Mr. Lin turned that short stint in to a$1,000,000 a start salary.  Don’t even get me started on the “poison pill” 15 million dollar payout he will receive in the final year of the new contract.

Whether it is striking out on gag induced picks in the NBA draft or signing marginally talented free agents to inflated contracts, the New York Knicks are notorious for having atrocious offseasons. This offseason I actually like the moves they have made.  Picking up raging alcoholic PG Jason Kidd and the human Gumby Marcus Camby were both underrated signings.  Sure Kidd and Camby are 78 years old, but they both bring a seasoned veterans approach and quality depth to a Knicks team that has a solid core of Carmelo Anthony,Amare Stoudamire, and Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler.  Combine that with the great sign and trade for PG Raymond Felton and you have what looks to be a solid offseason for the New York Knicks.

One way to throw these moves right out the window is to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet for Jeremy Lin.  The said poisoned pill third year $15 million dollar salary alone would have the Knicks paying DOUBLE in the dollar for dollar luxury tax. That alone is one reason to WALK AWAY.  Another simple reason is that Raymond Felton is by far the better point guard. Why would you hamper your team’s future flexibility by matching such an absurd contract for an unproven player who is also a turnover machine?

I don’t want to see one person rip the Knicks if they do in fact decide to move on. Who knows, maybe in the long run Jeremy Lin ends up being a quality player worthy of his new contract. The fact remains that right now he is too much of a gamble for a New York Knicks team that is trying to close ground on the champion Miami Heat.  So what’s it going to be New York? Two steps forward or five steps back?


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2 responses to “Linsanity turns to Insanity

  1. Sean Breslin

    July 16, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Unless Houston can somehow land Dwight Howard, they are going to be absolutely awful next season.

  2. Scott

    July 16, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I 100% agree. If the Rockets don’t land Dwight, they could challenge the Charlotte Bobcats for worst team in the NBA!


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