Rock of Ages Review

11 Jun

What’s up people – Steve here with your official review of Rock of Ages.

Let me first say that I have never been a fan of any kind of musical movie. I’m more of a typical movie storyline kind of guy and in the past, when movies have used singing to get their plot going and to get their points across it has annoyed me to no end. Did this trend continue with Rock of Ages? Join me on my journey and find out!

Despite my previous paragraph, I was actually excited to see this one. It has a cast that I have enjoyed in the past and it has nothing but 80’s music. What more can you ask for? This one is a typical “going to Hollywood to make it big” meets typical “cheesy love story”. To put it in simple terms: girl goes from small town, USA to Hollywood to pursue a career in singing. Girl meets boy who also sings and they sing a lot during the movie. Throw in some more singers that play different roles in the movie and there you have it: excitement officially gone. Ugh.

I really tried with this one and I have to say that the 80’s theme had me wrapped around its fingers, but it still just didn’t do it for me. I honestly would  rather stay home and played Rock Band than sit through this one again. Yes, it had its moments, but don’t all movies? There was a bit of laughter thrown in there and to be honest, the only scenes I enjoyed were those that had Julianne Hough (of course), Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin and to an extent Tom Cruise. Perhaps if they focused a bit more on the strip club scenes it would have been better? Nah. Oh and why is Mary J. Blige in this movie?? Please.

This movie will make you stop believin’. This movie hits you with its best shot and misses. This movie ain’t nothin’ but a bad time. This movie…well, you get the point.

All in all it was a disappointment and I’m sorry to say that my Final Word is 1 Star.

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