Coaches Corner – 6/8/12

08 Jun

All good things come to an end. Just like when the Fat Boys broke up.

The San Antonio Spurs looked like the greatest team in the history of the NBA for a long stretch.

They won 20 games in a row. They swept the Jazz and Clippers.

Then they looked old and tired in games three through six in being eliminated by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I have eaten a steady diet of crow all this week. That’s right, I was the one that posted the question on twitter that asked – “When the Spurs win the NBA championship will they be considered one of the best teams to win a championship in the last decade?”

Well, I don’t like eating crow.

A guy at work today asked me what I thought about the Spurs loss. I said the better team won. Even when the Spurs were up by 18 points in game six, I thought that the silent assassin, Kevin Durant would bring them back.

And he did.

Kevin Durant continues to amaze me every time I watch him play.

From the lock-out Rucker Park tour to the NBA finals, Kevin Durant is playing in his own video game. He has created himself.

He’s un-guardable. He has tremendous range. He is a defensive nightmare to guard. And his best is yet to come.

Now the question for debate is if you could start an NBA team today – would Kevin Durant be your first pick?

But it is not just Durant’s team.

James Harden is a tremendous talent. The Beard don’t lie.

Harden makes plays and is a big time finisher. He must have ice water in that beard.

I do think that whoever rewards the Beard with a long term contract will have to eat crow at some point because the Beard is also unstable. He has Ron Artest and Steven Jackson in him. That’s a dangerous mix.

And Scott Brooks proved that he is an outstanding coach. He matched wits with Coach Pop and his move of Thabo Sefolosha guarding Tony Parker derailed the entire Spurs season.

Now the Spurs face a million questions going into the off-season.

How much longer is Tim Duncan going to play? He proved this year he can still play but the question will be does he want to continue to play? Sources seem to indicate he will return next year.

Are Danny Green and Gary Neal going to continue to improve or are they flashes in the pan? Sometimes there is a reason that a player is un-drafted.

Can Manu stay healthy?

My brother asked me if the Spurs were going to make a trade in the off-season to bolster their team.

The question isn’t if they make a trade but who would anyone want on the Spurs that had high return value?

Of course, Tony Parker would bring you high value.

But after that?

Manu? With a history of injuries and his age being a key factor, the Spurs wouldn’t get equal value in return.

So I don’t think the trade avenue will be how the Spurs build their roster next year.

But I would like to throw this trade out there to debate –

Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter to the Magic for Dwight Howard.


The Spurs have shown this year that it can win. It is not time to panic. The Spurs could bring back their team and make another run next year. But the window is almost closed. It’s a shame because I honestly thought this team was going to win it all.


Whatever happened to the MTV’s Real World character Puck?


Lebron James performance was simply amazing in game six against the Celtics. He silenced the critics who claimed he couldn’t perform in big games.

He outperformed the Celtics big three.

Words can’t describe his performance.

I debated with my father before the game who was currently the best player in the NBA. Could anyone be better than Kevin Durant?

Lebron James jumped back into that discussion.

I am not a big Lebron James fan but his performance was one for the ages. I felt like I was watching MJ or Larry Legend.

What will game seven be like Saturday night?

Paul Pierce is a trained assassin.

Rajon Rondo is a throw-back ABA player. I never saw an ABA game but I can envision Rondo dishing the ball to the Iceman or Jackie Moon.

The Celtics have already proven they can win on the road.

Game 7 should be an epic war.


Jeff Van Gundy looks just like Balki Bartokomous.


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2 responses to “Coaches Corner – 6/8/12

  1. youjivinmeturkey

    June 8, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    So You Didn’t Enjoy The Fat Boys Rendition Of “Louie Louie”?!?
    Is This Russia?
    This Isn’t Russia… …Is It?!?!
    (*plays the beat-box*)

  2. Jean

    June 9, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Imagine you routing (or at least giving credit ) to a Boston team. Game should be good tonight.


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