Coaches Corner – 5/31/12

31 May

By Yankee Todd

My post yesterday sparked debate about the NBA lock-out and the legitimacy of the championship that will be won.

Should an asterisk be placed next to the eventual champion because this season was shortened?

Hell no an asterisk shouldn’t be placed by the Spurs this year (That’s right, I am already awarding them the championship). What we are all witnessing is as impressive as what any team has done in recent memory.

@Joshua_Newman, @StevePopper, @SirCoreGant, and @bballbreakdown all debated the merits of what I think the Spurs are about to accomplish.

The Spurs currently are on a 20 game winning streak heading into tonight’s game against OKC. That ranks third on the all time list of NBA winning streaks.

This winning streak started in April and the calendar is about to flip to June. Digest that nugget for a moment.

The streak includes playoff sweeps against Utah and the Clippers.

They have three winning streaks this year of double digits in length. .

The Charlotte Bobcats didn’t win double figure games all year.

My post also claimed that the “old men” on the Spurs benefited from a shortened season. Discussion was had that Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are only playing well because they played in less games this year?

I strongly disagree with this take.

How many back to back to back games were there this year? As a fan, I liked the multiple games per week but it had to take its toll on the players.

While Duncan is the senior-statement at 36 and Manu is 34, a majority of the team is young. Tony Parker is 30. Kawhi Leonard is 20, Danny Green is 24, Gary Neal is 27, Tiago Splitter is 27, and DeJuan Blair is 23.

Don’t get me wrong, Parker makes the team go but a healthy Manu Ginobili is the difference maker. When games slow down in the playoffs, Manu can shift to the point guard spot and direct a half court offense.

Now, with all my bragging, I think the Spurs lose one of the next two games to the Thunder. I don’t think David Stern would allow the Spurs to sweep everyone.

My brother and I used to create ourselves in the video game NFL Madden when it first came out. Does anyone else remember doing this?

Remember the first few Madden games when you could actually hear the bones breaking on an injury?

Well, somehow Doc Rivers has created an incredible video game like point guard in Rajon Rondo. That can only explain the freakish numbers he put up last night.


After the third inning, the Seattle Mariners were beating the Texas Rangers 16-0. The final score was 21-5.

Former Yankee prospect Jesus Montero went 3-4 with 4 runs batted in. He hit his 7th home run of the season.


Jamie Moyer was designated for assignment by the Rockies at age 49. He hopes to pitch again this year. I am sure there is a senior softball team looking for a ringer.


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