Coaches Corner – 5/30/12

30 May

By Yankee Todd

In the words of the great Eric B and Rakim –“It’s been a long time….I shouldn’t have left you . .without a strong rhyme to step to.”

Here’s my latest.

The third quarter of the Spurs Vs Thunder game was an absolute clinic in the way a team should play basketball.

Poor Carmelo Anthony wasn’t even playing last night and he was getting beat up via twitter about his lack of team ball.

When Manu Ginobili drove to the hoop last night and gave a behind the back pass to Tony Parker in the corner for a wide open three pointer…. I think America got to see what I have been bangin on all year.

These Spurs are talented. They are deep. They are unselfish. They find every open teammate. They make every extra pass. They just might be one of the best teams in the NBA in recent memory.

Tim Duncan, circa 1999, made a poster of Serge Ibaka with his dunk in the second quarter.

Boris Diaw continues to prove why Michael Jordan is a terrible GM.

From being cut by the Bobcats to the starting center for the soon to be World Champion Spurs, Diaw gives the Spurs a unique dimension to the team.

Stephen Jackson adds toughness and experience to the team that was lacking from Richard Jefferson.

Tony Parker’s play last night was a reason he finished in the MVP voting this year.

The only thing I can’t figure out about the Spurs this year is what DaJuan Blair did to land in the dog house?

Anyone that follows him on twitter or on Instagram knows how he is using the free time now.

All year, I have been writing about the greatness of the Spurs. But Tim Duncan is the most under-appreciated NBA player of his generation. (

Why has it taken this year to solidify Duncan’s greatness?

Last year, it was Dirk. I get that. He finally won his championship and received his ring. But why is it taking this year for the world to realize just how great Timmy is?

He has already won four championships.

His numbers are incredible.

He is the ultimate teammate and this year he sacrificed his own personal numbers for the good of the team.

If he played in New York, he would own the city.

The popular Nike slogan that deals with LeBron James is “We are all Witnesses.”

I have been lucky, living in San Antonio, to be a witness to one of the greatest teams in the NBA.

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