Snow White and the Huntsman Review

29 May

by Steve Farace

This is NOT your childhood Snow White!

This is a Snow White with a unique twist. It stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and I must admit, although I have not been too fond of her in the past, she plays a great Snow White and this was probably the perfect fit for the character. Let’s not forget the woman who puts the sexy in evil, Charlize Theron. I know there is no “sexy” in “evil”, but there is an “e” and that’s all that matters here. Charlize does a fantastic job in her role as the evil queen and as she said on a recent interview on the Today Show, her favorite part was when she was screaming at people. Ah, let’s not forget about the Huntsman! Chris Hemsworth (or better known as Thor) plays the man who has been sent to kill the very innocent Snow White! He rounds out the cast of main characters that all do a very good job in this one.

I found the acting to be very good in this one and the storyline, while well-known, is also done well. There is plenty of action in this one for the men to enjoy and you are introduced to Snow White, the bad ass. Yeah, you read that right – Snow White is a bad ass. Do I have your attention, guys?? This flick has turned Snow White from an innocent children’s story to a story full of action and beauty (the adult kind of beauty staring Charlize). Some reviews by those “other sites” have this moving running on too long, but I thought it was just right to tell the complete story while still embedding the action and adventure that is needed to keep the audience involved.

This weekend, if you are asking yourself “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”, the answer could very well be Snow White and the Huntsman!

Final Word – 4 Stars


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