Coaches Corner – 5/13/12

13 May

by Yankee Todd

Congratulations to Lebron James who will receive his third MVP award.  James is the best player in the NBA this year and deserves the award.

Every year the debate rages about where the current MVP stacks up against Michael Jordan.

Between twitter and the radio waves, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are generally considered the two most talented players in the NBA.

Are either of these stars better than Michael Jordan?

Generally speaking, we have to establish some ground rules before we can determine the answer to that question.

Are we looking for the best scorer?  A lock down defender?  Are we factoring in the number of championships that the player has won?

As a former coach, the bottom line is winning.  You can be the greatest guy/coach in the world and if you do not win management will find someone else that they think can win.

Kobe Bryant has five championships. 

Lebron James does not have any.

But Kobe played with Shaq and has played with better talent throughout his career.

Lebron has better talent this year and could win his first championship this year.

Advantage Kobe.

Both players are lock down defenders.  Lebron gets the edge in this department because of his unbelievable strength and speed.  He has been able to guard almost any position on the court.

Advantage Lebron.

I think they both are dangerous scorers.  This category is a push.

Both are extremely competitive.  Both make their team legitimate contenders every year for a championship.

But before I crown one of these players better than MJ . . .Let me throw a name into the discussion that is often overlooked.

It’s not Dirk.  It might be Kevin Durant one day, but not now.  It’s not Derrick Rose.  As much as I wish I could write about Melo in this category, I can’t.

How about Tim Duncan?

He has won four championships.

His team this year could give him his fifth ring.

Duncan doesn’t score as well as Kobe or Lebron but he is a career double-double man.

I have lived in both New York and Texas.  If Tim Duncan played in New York City, we would be talking about him as the greatest big man to possibly ever play the game.

Duncan’s only weakness is that he plays in San Antonio.

Duncan is a team player that has sacrificed his numbers and minutes for the good of the team.

Quick side note –

Duncan is sacrificing for the good of the team.

Within the Knicks world – we are discussing would STAT do that?  How many stars would do that?

This moves Duncan toward the top of my list.

Once it’s all said and done, Tim Duncan might rank higher than any player currently playing in the NBA today.

Bottom line, nobody will ever be better than Michael Jordan.

But it makes great discussion on twitter, blogs, and the radio.  Next time you are out there discussing this topic – throw some love to Timmy D!

Chris “The Birdman” Anderson, couldn’t have asked for a worse time to have his personal business to jump into national headlines.

At first, I thought the worst when they started talking about internet crimes.

Now it appears “The Birdman” hooked up with a female on line, she flew to visit him and then he blew her off.

Now her mom appears to have attempted to shake him down.

It’s a sad story overall.

Or the next season of Jersey Shore.


Magic Johnson said if the Lakers lose game seven that Coach Mike Brown would be fired.  Johnson has been criticized for stating an obvious fact.  If the Lakers, with a guy I just mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan was defeated in game seven yesterday, he deserved to be fired.

The Yankees demoted Eduardo Nunez to Triple A to make room for Eric Chavez.  Nunez committed two key errors in the game against Tampa on Thursday.

Nunez provided the team excitement on the base paths and at bat.

But about every 15 times he handled a ball it resulted in an error.

The Yankees had to make the move because in this division they could not afford to give games away.

Eric Chavez is definitely a huge defensive upgrade over Nunez.

The Yankees plan on playing Nunez every day at short stop in Triple A.  He will also play some second base.

Are they trying to build up his trade value or confidence?

Joe Girardi felt that the Yanks had tried to ask Nunez to do too much.

Bottom line, the Yankees are better with Nunez and his bat in the line-up.

As a former middle school coach I once told a colleague that you have to either live with him or sit his butt on the bench.

It appears that Girardi felt the same way.


I am really looking forward to Andy Pettitte making his return to the stadium tomorrow.  Instantly our pitching staff has been upgraded.  I hope Pettitte’s final push gets him in the Hall of Fame.


Of course Jesus Montero would go yard in his return to the stadium.  My brother called me and said they traded the rookie of the year and he just went yard!

Let’s evaluate this trade in 5 years and see if my brother is right.


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