Coaches Corner – 5/10/12

11 May

by Yankee Todd

The Roger Clemens drama should be settled on Tjhe People’s court.

I would love to see Doug Llewelyn try to get a comment from the Rocket as he left the courtroom.

That would be classic.

Is anyone really following this case?  More importantly, does anyone believe the Rocket?


I sent a message via twitter on Tuesday night that Josh Hamilton would be a Yankee next year.

I honestly don’t think that will happen but I wanted to see what everyone thought.

But . .  . . .

Hamilton’s swing and the short porch at the Stadium are made for each other.

Nick Swisher is a free agent and the Yankees would have a need in right field.

The Yankees will have the money to pay for Josh Hamilton.

And . . .  The Texas Rangers will let him walk.

Say what?

Yes, Josh Hamilton might be the only guy in the majors that could win the Triple Crown and the Rangers will let him walk away at the end of the season.

Here’s why:

Nolan Ryan has the ability to make decisions that I could not.  He takes emotion out of it.

Josh Hamilton will be 31 years old.  What kind of a contract will Hamilton demand?

I debated this with my brother, who still feels Brian Cashman should be fired.

The Rangers do an excellent job of evaluating talent.  I am not saying Hamilton isn’t talented but at 31 and a history of injury, is he worth a 6 or 7 year contract at 20-25 per year?

The Rangers minor league system is loaded with talent.

They can either use the chips to trade for a star, develop their stars, or sign another Japanese star.

With this day and age of contracts crippling teams (see A-Rod, Jason Giambi, and maybe Albert Puljos), the Rangers will let him walk away.

Fans in the Dallas Metroplex will be shocked.

But in the end, Nolan Ryan will have made the correct move.

My brother Sean believes that the Yanks will pony up the money for the All-Star.  I don’t think the Yanks or Rangers will.  But someone will give him a monster contract.


The Knicks bowed out of the playoffs with a loss to the Heat.  Even though I always think the Knicks are going to win, I knew it was over.

I don’t feel the need to reflect on the game.  JR Smith never met a shot he didn’t take and the injuries just depleted the team to the point they couldn’t compete.

I might write a recap of the season at a later date but today I am going to focus on where the Knicks need to go.

(I still think the New York media gave Jeremy Lin an un-like New York pass for not playing

  1.  Hire Mike Woodson.  Woodson deserves the job.  He guided the Knicks to a 18-6 record.  He won a playoff game which might not be much but those of us that follow the Knicks know how long it had been since they won a game.
  2. Stop talking about trading Amare and Carmelo.  Stoudemire is untradeable and Melo is a true scorer.   Melo has trade value but will he bring back what he is worth to the team?  The answer to that is no.  Coach Mike Woodson has all summer to tinker with the offense to make Melo and Amare survive together.
  3. Figure out who is going to be the point guard.  Is it Jeremy Lin?  Publicly both Melo and Mike Woodson have praised Jeremy Lin.  Will Steve Nash want to play in NYC?  I think he will end up in Miami.
  4. Re-sign Steve Novak.
  5. Hire a team doctor to keep everyone healthy.


Much has been made the last few days about the struggles of David Robertson as the Yankees closer. 

Robertson has filthy stuff and he is an excellent relief pitcher.  He will be fine.  But the struggles of Robertson only make us appreciate Mariano Rivera even more.

Enter Sandman. 

When the music started and #42 entered the game you knew it was over.

My boy Coach Schott would text me, “Night night”

We have been spoiled as Yankee fans.  So in typical un-like New York fashion, we need to be patient with David Robertson.

It is not fair to him to be compared to one of the greatest pitchers of all time.


I hate to admit it but the Mets have been playing really well lately.  They have played with a gritty determination that is fun to watch.  (Even though I don’t watch the Mets)

I still think they will finish under .500.


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2 responses to “Coaches Corner – 5/10/12

  1. CineSportsTalk

    May 11, 2012 at 12:37 am

    I agree with everything in this edition. Also wanted to thank you for saying something nice about the Mets! Even if you did tippy toe around it. Josh Hamilton is a beast! Steve.

  2. Aaron

    May 11, 2012 at 8:55 am

    When do we make Soriano the closer? I think Robertson has great stuff but it is a huge role for anyone to step in to… I think we should have Soriano for now since he has been the guy before.


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