Coaches Corner – 5/8/12

08 May

by Yankee Todd

My brother called me tonight and said he felt that Brian Cashman should be fired.  I laughed and then asked why?  He said he had just looked up the statistics of Jesus Montero and felt that his four home runs and a .287 average deserved an immediate termination of Cash.

“I just feel we gave up Miguel Cabrera or someone.”

I disagreed and cited the teams that Cashman has built since becoming their general manager.

My brother felt anyone could do the GM job for the Yanks with the bank that they have at their disposal.

I sighted either of the Chicago teams or the Mets as not being able to survive and compete with a large payroll.

Let’s throw the injury to Michael Pineda out the door and look at what Cashman was looking at in the off-season to see if my brother is right.

CC Sabathia is the Yankees #1 starter.  He is a legitimate ace.

Ivan Nova had a break-out season in 2011.  Tuesday night’s gem he tossed against the Rays appears to show us that 2011 was not a fluke.  So in the off-season, Cashman had two legitimate starters.

Now who is your third starter?  Freddy Garcia?  Phil Hughes?

What if you could add a 22-year-old flame thrower as your #3 starter?  An All-Star in 2011.

All of a sudden, your top three pitchers are as good as any top three in the league.

But what if you have to give up your best offensive prospect in a decade?

It’s a gamble.

Roll the dice and if it works out and the Yanks win a world series, then all is good.

Roll the dice and it does not work, then my brother calls for the head of Brian Cashman.

It’s ludicrous to evaluate a trade two months after it occurs. It shouldn’t even be evaluated a year later.  This trade should be evaluated five years down the road.  Remember Jose Campos, the other pitcher in the trade, is only 19.

Is Brian Cashman going to lose his job because of this trade?

No, but I think my brother might be correct in this debate.  I think we gave away a monster.  You know what monsters do?  They return home to seek revenge.  Wait, the Mariners come to town this weekend.


If Donald Trump were the owner of the Baltimore Orioles he would have fired the pitching coach.  Why are you still pitching to Josh Hamilton?

Where is Cole Hamels and his “old school philosophy?” of pitching when facing a guy like Josh Hamilton?


The San Antonio Spurs continue to roll.   They have not lost a game in almost a month.   All season in this corner I have banging their drum.  I have been hyping Tony Parker as a legit MVP candidate and saying that this Spurs team has the potential to be as good as any of the championship Spurs teams of the past.

Today, I compared the Spurs to an average looking girl that you knew in high school or college.  She had a nice personality and was friendly but you never thought of her as a girlfriend.

A few years later, you notice her in a club and she is stunningly beautiful.  You think – “That’s not the same person I once knew.”

But as you talk to her you find out it’s the same personality and you just never realized how beautiful she really was.

The Spurs are that girl over the course of this season.

Tim Duncan isn’t cool.  He doesn’t trash talk or post stupid pictures or quotes on twitter (that job is left to teammate Dejuan Blair)

Tony Parker was known more for his divorce from hottie Eva Longoria but he is as good as any point guard in the playoffs.

Manu caught a bat once with his hand.  He is their playmaker.

Then they have a bunch of role players.

A guy named Tiago and another named Steven Jackson.

Coach Pop picked up Boris Diaw off waivers.  He is now the starting center.  Danny Green, a second round draft pick of the Cavs was waived twice by the Spurs before he worked his way into the starting line-up.

Gary Neal has come out of nowhere to be a legitimate NBA player.

They traded fan favorite George Hill to his hometown team in Indianapolis for the rights to a 19-year-old rookie named Kawhi Leonard.  That trade has worked well for both teams.

The Spurs even signed an Australian gunner named Patty Mills who will put up 25 points on any given night but he will shoot the ball 35 times.

Will the Spurs win the NBA championship?

I am not sure.  But damn the Spurs are hot.


I know the Clippers are playing well but the Rudy Gay led Grizzles would scare me if they were playing the Spurs in the second round.

Is Jeremy Lin getting a pass from the New York media?

With Baron Davis going down with a horrible knee injury and the Knicks without a point guard, Mike Woodson ruled Lin-Sanity out for game five (which could well be the end of the season)

The New York media was terrible to Amare Stoudemire after he attempted to punch a fire extinguisher.   I am not doubting that Jeremy Lin is truly hurt and can’t produce for the team.  I bet he wants to be out there.

But is the New York media giving him a pass?

Would the Post or News be challenging the manhood of Amare if he still couldn’t play?

You bet they would.

Can the Knicks win in game 5?

Call me crazy but I think the Knicks win 100-86 in game five.


Congratulations to Yankee skipper Joe Girardi who recorded his 400th career win as a Yankee manager.

It wasn’t the same with David Robertson pitching the 9th inning for the Yanks.  While he got the job done, I guess I have to get used to fact that Mariano might never pitch for the Yanks again.

Andy Pettitte is set to make his comeback on Sunday against the Mariners.

I have been thinking all day about what I hope Sunday looks like.  What if we could write the perfect script for his return?

A Jeter home run to win the game?

What do you think?


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2 responses to “Coaches Corner – 5/8/12

  1. Koby Cantu

    May 9, 2012 at 12:28 am

    Excellent and thought provoking read!

  2. Aaron

    May 9, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Good job Bloom Dogg. Love a good article about the Yanks and a few mentions of how brutal the Mets are and have been.


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