Coaches Corner – 5/7/12

07 May

By Yankee Todd

For one day, all is right in the world of basketball.

The Knicks defeated the Heat in a playoff game.

The Knicks ended a horrible drought of consecutive losses in playoff games.

Baron Davis suffered a horrible knee injury and Mike “Freakin” Bibby played like he was at the University of Arizona.

New York City again was the Mecca of basketball.

Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire played like Superstars!!

The Garden was rocking.

I wanted to be in NYC and celebrating with the crowd.

We all thought this would be the case when the Knicks big three were acquired in the offseason.

The Knicks played with passion and emotion.

Melo tossed in 41 points and even with JR Smith pulling his best John Starks impersonation, the Knicks survived and forced a game five.

Will they win in game five?

It’s doubtful but I never thought the Red Sox would come back from being down three games to none against the Yanks.

Does Lin-sanity make an appearance in South Beach?

I think he has to play.

On a side note, I absolutely loved the outfit that Amare wore at his press conference. It looked like he had on overalls. Only a guy like Amare, who a few days before was the most hated man in the city, could pull off that outfit.

On another note, does every NBA player have poor vision? Every NBA star is sporting a pair of glasses. If that’s the case, my son Andrew will start wearing glasses now!

Are we all mourning the loss of Adam Yauch? What white kid growing up in New York didn’t want to be a Beastie Boy? Rest in Peace my friend.

Who wasn’t about to cry when they saw the injury to Mariano Rivera. The class and dignity that Mo showed addressing the media immediately after finding out he had torn his ACL was unbelievable. Mo fought back tears and continued to answer questions about his playing future.

I told my Dad that two or three times I would have walked away from the reporters.

The following day, after sleeping on the injury, Mo promised to return to the Bronx. He wasn’t going to go out on this note.

When asked why he thought he could make a successful return to pitching, Mo explained it was his belief in the Lord that gave him strength.

I will be saying extra prayers to the man upstairs that Mo has an opportunity to return to the mound next year.

Normally, I like to post two or three articles a week and I am sorry I have been gone.

I feel like . . . .

the George Michael Sports Machine that used to air on Sunday nights back in New York. He was on before sports center became so vogue. My buddy Derrick Paul mourned the passing of the Sports Machine legend.

Let’s start with the Knicks.

I was crazy enough to think that the Knicks could actually beat the Heat. I predicted the Knicks in 6

Even after a horrific blowout in Game One and a going back to New York in Game three without STAT, I tweeted that I thought Melo would put up a big game and the Knicks would win. That was until Lebron James took over the 4th quarter and destroyed my hopes and dreams.

My man Steve Novak can’t even get off a shot.

The San Antonio Spurs continue to roll in the West. My man Danny Green should have received more consideration for the most improved player in the game.

Coach Pop was named the NBA Coach of the Year. I will go so far as saying that the award should be re-named the Greg Popovich Coach of the Year.

Coach Pop is currently the best coach in the NBA. He gets more out of his team than any coach in the league.

The Spurs are rested and they continue to fly under the radar in the playoffs. It looks like they will close out the Jazz in four games and will be able to get more rest because the Clippers and Grizzlies appear to be in a war.

The NFL recently suspended four current and former members of the New Orleans Saints for their participation in bounty-gate.

I don’t agree with the length of the suspension, but Commissioner Roger Goodell has let everyone know that he will not put up with stupidity.

The players plan to appeal but the Commish will not back down.

I respect him for that. I wish David Stern had his ‘stones.

The only thing the NBA is consistent about is technicals for Tyson Chandler.

I predicted Bryce Harper would win the rookie of the year award. It looks like will he win this award after his brief tenure with the Nationals.

The dude stole home during their game Sunday.

I am trying to think of a new term to describe the insanity that Bryce Harper has created.

Have we seen anyone who has created more buzz about their team at such an early age?

Maybe we could call it Harper-sanity? Don’t know where I got that from.

Albert Pujols continues to struggle.

If the Angels are not careful, the Texas Rangers will bury them in the American League Western division.

What would the back page of the Post or Daily News read if Pujols were a Yankee?

Oh man.

A-Rod, Amare and Melo would welcome the spotlight being off them and on Pujols.

Matt Kemp is a stud.

So is Derek Jeter. Jeter is playing like he is 27 and not 37. He continues to prove that the first half of last season was a fluke.

Since Jeter recorded his 3,000 hit last year, he ranks second in total hits in all of the MLB.

Props to my wife who broke the Eric LeGrand story to me before I knew about it. LeGrand, the former Rutgers football star who was paralyzed, signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

My wife shouldn’t receive too much credit, we once attended a Yankee game against Kansas City and Chuck Knoblauch was struggling. Sharon tried to impress me by yelling, “That’s why you are pitching .200”

I love the fact that she wanted to impress me.

Many people wonder why Texas football is miles ahead of everyone else in the nation.

Most of my readers know that I am an Assistant Principal at a large high school in San Antonio, Texas. The other day, I was wandering the campus when I came across 4th period Football class. That’s right. Football is a class in Texas. If you play football, you are in that class.

Why didn’t we have that in New York?

They were just beginning spring football. Yes, workouts, pads, and coaching in May.

For most of May, coaches have an opportunity to work with their team. In fact, every Friday during 4th period, they have a scrimmage.

Football is so advanced in Texas, Harvard was out to watch spring ball in San Antonio last week.

On another note, I think more college coaches need to recruit San Antonio. The city has over a million people. The University of Texas at San Antonio recently started a football program. They are moving into Conference USA in the future. There are many players in our city that could help the Roadrunners build a successful program.

I would like to congratulate Oklahoma Sooner and San Antonio resident Travis Lewis who was drafted by the Detroit Lions.

When Travis Lewis was in 8th grade my middle school played against him.

He was pretty good.

The first three times he touched the ball he scored a touchdown.

I bet he had 200 yards.

On his fourth carry, we tackled him. Unfortunately, he broke his leg on that play otherwise he would have still been running.

I thought Eli did a great job on Saturday Night Live.

I did pick up a pack of Nathan’s hotdogs in honor of Joey “Jaws” Chestnut last Saturday night. I washed it down with a Keystone Light. Damn that was smooth.

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One response to “Coaches Corner – 5/7/12

  1. Aaron

    May 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    How about a report on how blue hat didn’t come close to competing during his water volleyball match?


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