Coaches Corner – 4/25/12

25 Apr

By Yankee Todd

An Open Letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell,

I would like to thank you for your efforts in cleaning up the NFL. You have declared war on stupidity and you are winning. You are not putting up excuses and you are holding individuals and teams accountable.

Mr. Goodell, can you help out David Stern and whoever is the baseball commissioner now? They need a mentor.

Ozzie Guillen, the Miami Marlin’s manager makes supportive comments about Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Seriously? He blames his lack of command of the English language and gets a slap on the wrist.

I can’t help but think what you would have done, Mr. Goodell.

The NBA now has an opportunity to take your lead Mr. Goodell. Ron Artest or Meta World Peace assaulted James Harden with a vicious and cowardly elbow during their game on Sunday. Artest was immediately ejected and the debate began as to the suspension of a mentally unstable player.

Oh, Mr. Goodell. If an NFL player did this, we would know where you stand. But David Stern doesn’t have a backbone.

Mr. Goodell, I am an Assistant Principal at a large high school. If I had this incident cross my desk, this student wouldn’t be at my school. Especially when I discovered that this individual had a history of violent activities and prior suspensions. My boss would rip me a new one if I didn’t throw the book at him.

I have no faith in David Stern. A seven game suspension? I asked One Office Down what he thought. He said he would have to wait and see the severity of the injury to James Harden.

What if Harden doesn’t play the rest of this year?

While I truly believed that the NBA would award Kobe Bryant every avenue to be completive in the playoffs, I do not believe that Artest was punished severely enough.

Even the National Hockey League, which encourages fighting, suspended Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres for 25 games for a cheap and late hit to another player.

You failed to send a message to all the little kids who witnessed the incident live or on ESPN.

Shame on you David Stern.


My son took me to the Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers game for my birthday. What a great gift from a great kid!

This year, my son and I are 5-0 when we have attended games. They are 7-0 in the last two years of games we attend. If I were the Spurs, I would give my son and I season tickets. They wouldn’t lose a game based on those statistics.

Coach Pop started Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, Boris Diaw, DeJuan Blair, and Danny Green. He rested Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili came off the bench.

If you didn’t know records, you wouldn’t have had a clue this was the best team in the Western Conference.

The Spurs spanked the Lakers last Friday night. That victory prompted my buddy Coach Schott to text me that the Spurs were “Nasty”

Here’s why I think the Spurs have a legit shot to make some noise in the playoffs.

Manu Ginobili is a star. He is a difference maker, a home run hitter, and one of the best one-on-one players right now in the game.

Did you see his pass to Matt Bonner against the Lakers? He looked like Nolan Ryan.

I also like the addition of Stephen Jackson because he is a one on one player that brings playoff experience to the team. His toughness will be needed in the playoffs against Oklahoma City, the Lakers, or anyone else that the Spurs face.

Speaking of the Cavs…..their warm-up outfits looked like they were given to them by McDonalds. They looked terrible.

Kylie Irving and Tristan Thompson give the Cavs a good nucleus to build upon. I would love to be Antawn Jamison. He just spots up and shoots three point shots. After that, wow they are terrible.

Let’s stay in Cleveland.

Lots has been made recently of the #4 pick in the NFL draft this weekend.

Who should the Browns draft?

Ryan Tannehill? Justin Blackmon? How about Alabama running back Trent Richardson?

I guess it all comes down to do the Browns think they can win with Colt McCoy?

Ryan Tannehill, a former wide receiver at Texas A&M before he turned to QB, is one of the hottest names quickly moving up the draft chart.

If I were the Browns, I would not take Tannehill with the 4th pick. I would take either Richardson or Blackmon. Both are stars waiting to happen. Tannehill has huge potential but isn’t a sure star in the NFL, like I believe Blackmon and Richardson are.

Living in Texas, I am a Colt McCoy believer. He is a winner and I think he can make Cleveland competitive if you surround him with weapons. I see a lot of Doug Flutie in him

When you evaluate the New York Giants draft this year, please remember they picked up a starting linebacker with a 5th round pick. Keith Rivers, a former first round pick of the Bengals and starter for the past three years, was recently acquired.

I believe Rivers, who has battled injuries, will catch lighting in a bottle and regain form. I also think playing behind Jason Pierre –Paul and Osi Umenyiora can make people look really good.

The Giants have needs on the offensive line, in the secondary, and at running back. I can see the Giants locking up a lineman in the first round and then adding talent in each round.

At some point, they also need to address their kick and punt return game. When was the last time the Giants had a legit return specialist?

Dave Meggett?

I wanted the Giants to go after San Francisco 49ers kick and punt specialist Ted Ginn jr. In the offseason. Before he re-signed with the 49ers, I thought he would fill multiple needs for the team.

I hope that Giants GM Jerry Reese continues his magic with the draft.

How about Carmelo Anthony getting some love for this year’s MVP?

I know he had a terrible start to the year but over the last month, there is not a better player in the NBA. Not even Kobe, KD, Lebron, or DWade have had the month Melo has.

That’s right, I said it.

Melo is currently the best player in the NBA. I know he will not win the MVP, but the man is money.

Let’s look at his numbers in the month of April. He is averaging 31 points per game. The Knicks have gone 7-4 with key wins over the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks.

He scored 43 against the Bulls, 42 against the Heat, 39 against the Hawks, and 35 against the Hawks. Whatever happens in the playoffs, Melo has made the Knicks his team. If not this year, I see the Knicks contending for the Eastern Conference finals in the future.

Lastly, how about my Yankees?

Saturday, like any true Yankee fan, I turned off the game when they were losing 7-0 in Boston. Legendary IKE teacher, Mr. P came over to the house to go to a party and he asked about the score. I turned the game on and saw that the Yanks were trailing 9-8. While driving to the party, the Yanks continued to beat up the Sox and Bobby V. The home crowd booed as we cheered each run that helped ruin Fenway Park’s 100 year celebration.

The Sox didn’t just fall apart, they imploded against the arch rival Yankees.

In a week that Bobby V criticized the heart and soul of the team, Kevin Youklis, he couldn’t afford a poor showing from the team. But that’s what he got from the team that appears to have already tuned him out.

As much as I like Rex Ryan, I see a huge comparison (no pun intended for Rex) between the two.

Both are blowhards. Both are tolerable when winning.

When losing, they are annoying.

On Monday, the Yanks put it to the hottest team in baseball in their park. Early in the year, I predicted the Rangers to win the American League West and the Yanks were ripe for the picking against the Rangers because they never play well in Texas.

In a first inning with CC Sabiatha against the ropes, the Rangers bats fell short. CC was able to gut out a victory and Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher, and Alex Rodriquez gave the Yankees enough to grab a win in Texas.

The Yankees need Sabiatha to return to form to solidify a staff that has been shaken in the last few days.

Last night, Yu Davarish was everything Nolan Ryan thought he would be. He kept the Yankees off balanced, off the bases, and struck out 10.

In a preview of what could be the American League Championship series, the Yankees lived up to their end of the bargain, but they lost 2-0.

Yankee free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was everything I thought he would be also.

In one game Kuroda will be competitive and keep the Yankees in ballgames and other games he will be a 37 year old National League pitcher.

Derek Jeter continues to drink from the fountain of youth. I am simply amazed at what he is able to do. Nick Swisher is hitting the ball well and without consistency in their pitching staff, the Yanks are near the top of the entire American League.

While the baseball season is a marathon, not a race . . . I look forward to the Yanks being there at the end of the season.

The Spurs last two winning streaks are longer than the total number of wins the Bobcats have on the year. Ouch.

Are the Red Sox really 12-30 since September 1st of last year? That’s worse than the Houston Astros.

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One response to “Coaches Corner – 4/25/12

  1. Aaron

    April 25, 2012 at 10:16 am

    So glad the sox picked up Bobby V… when Ortiz goes into a slump he will bash him too.


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