Bobby V being Bobby V

16 Apr

by Steve Farace

Bobby Valentine has been known to try to shake things up any way possible. He has called out players and he has returned to the dugout in disguise after being thrown out of a ballgame by an umpire. Sometimes a manager has to and should call out their players like Valentine did on Sunday. Kevin Youkilis has been struggling for the better part of a year now and Bobby Valentine decided that now was the time to call him out. So what?!?

Youk has missed 102 games over the last 2 seasons and he was part of the choke that the Red Sox went through last year and a big part of the blame. There is no reason why the Sox shouldn’t be scoring 6 runs a game and through 8 games this season, Youk has been no help. He is hitting .200 with 0 home runs and 3 rbi and providing little or no protection in the middle of that lineup.

This is not the first time a member of management has called out a struggling player. Remember when Georgie called Irabu a fat pig? Or when Ozzie called out his entire locker room with the White Sox? Or how about Fred Wilpon calling out David Wright and Jose Reyes last year saying they weren’t worth the money? Bobby V is not the first and not the last.

I have to say I’m not so sure why he apologized. He meant what he said and he knows it. I understand that he wants to appease the Red Sox fans as well as the team that backs up Youkilis, but come on – stand by your comments. Unless the genius that is Valentine had a plan all along to have someone on the team come out publicly to say the team was behind Youk 100%? Things that make you go hmmm. One thing is for sure, Valentine will keep you guessing.

Look at the bright side, at least he didn’t say he loved and respected Fidel Castro.

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