Coaches Corner – 4/13/12

13 Apr

by Yankee Todd

Coach’s Corner

April 13, 2012

What have I learned about the Yankees through six games and living in San Antonio?

Derek Jeter looks like he is 25 years old.  He is swinging a great bat and he has picked up where he left off last year.

The starting pitching, which I felt would be a strength, has not shown up yet (minus a good start by Ivan Nova – I know Coach Schott is loving that.)

Mo blew a save and everyone thought the end was now!  A few nights later, he resorted back to the old Mo and set the world straight again.

The bullpen, a huge strength for the Yanks last year, has been rock solid this year.

A-Rod is struggling.  I am hoping that since Tiger Woods was able to find his game again, A-Rod will rebound and find his stroke again.

Raul Ibanez is leading the team with 6 runs batted in.  After his terrible spring, he has proven to be a solid signing.

While Michael Pineada was the big name that the Yankees acquired in the trade for top prospect Jesus Montero, Jose Campos might turn out to be the best pitcher in the bunch.

Through two starts in class A ball, Campos has been near unhittable.

My gut feeling is both pitchers will contribute to the rotation of the future.

The Rays are really good.  Not only did they sweep the Yanks, but they rallied and beat Justin Verlander, the best starting pitcher in the game recently.

My Dad always told me that to win you have to play .500 ball on the road and win .750 at home.  Let’s see where the Yankees are after their home stand.

I really don’t get the odd Lamar Odom saga.

The former 6th man of the year is no longer playing for the Mavericks.  I don’t understand where his passion went?j

My only thought is anything the Kardashians touch turns to junk.

I would take him in New York and see if he can find his passion back in his home state.

While in Denver recently, I read a great quote from former Yankee Jason Giambi.  Giambi, 41 and currently a member of the Rockies, said this about the 49 year old Jamie Moyer who made the Rockies opening day roster.

“His 80 mile an hour heater is more like a chiller.”

Giambi makes Moyer look like a spring chicken.

The Nuggets are much like the Knicks.  Both are teams that are fighting for a playoff spot and losing to teams that they should beat.  The Nuggets recently lost to the New Orleans Hornets and the Knicks – well you know their struggles.

Skiing is one of the best workouts that I have had in a long time.  It’s about confidence and not leaning back as you are skiing.

I asked my boys this question and the answers surprised me.

If you were an NBA coach and had the ball while trailing by one point, who would you want to take the last shot?

Said high school basketball coach Tim Woods, “It would have to be Durant or Kobe…They’re arguably the best players in the world but they have the ability to get any shot off.  It’s not just about shooting, I think there are better shooters, but you’ve got to be able to get the contested, tough shot off.  Next, would probably be Lebron or Wade.”

Said @davechazzer,Derrick Rose.  Fastest man to the basket maybe ever.  If he gets stopped he’s making free throws.  He is better than 80% from the line but never misses in the clutch.  Kobe was my answer for the last ten years but not in Mike Brown’s offense.  Just ask Lebron James about that.”

Said Derrick Paul (no relation to Chris Paul) and a very proud NY Mets fan said, “Kobe Bryant.  He has done it so many times you gotta give it to him.  Of the young players in the game I would say Kevin Durant, he’s a straight up baller.”

Said Coach Schott, “Durant.  He is un-stoppable and a match-up nightmare.  He can get his shot at anytime.  He is so long that his jump shot is un-blockable.  He can score from anywher over half court.”

Said the Wolf, Coach Cal, who is good for the city of San Antonio, “That’s tough but I would have to take either Kobe or Durant.  Maybe Manu Ginobili?  No, make it Kobe.”

Coach Cal once was a star point guard at the University of Iowa and was in the Detriot Pistons camp.  Coach Cal Wulfsburg is now a very successful girls’ basketball coach in San Antonio.

Said former college baseball player, Aaron Semper, “This pains me but I would go with Dirk Nowitzki.  He cannot be guarded.  His size and shooting ability set him apart from many other greats.  A seven-footer should not have the balance and touch on his shot, it’s almost unfair.”

I asked my wife Sharon the following question.  “If I took a beautiful, athletic 25 year old lady out on a motorcycle ride, got in an accident and then tried to cover it up, what would she think?”

Obviously I was describing the story of former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino.

Petrino was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and used his connections with the Arkansas State Police to attempt to cover it up.

I kept asking, “What if I owned a motorcycle and she wanted to go for a ride?”  and “What if I got scared cause I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I lied about it?”

My wife said it would take some serious marriage counseling before she could trust me again.

My take is this.  Petrino got caught in an affair.

I think I would have more than a busted up face and broken ribs if I were in the situation of Petrino.

The San Antonio Spurs are now 10-1 since they acquired Boris Diaw.

Every button that Greg Popovich pushes seems to work.

Let’s take a look at the Spurs in the last year.  They traded very popular George Hill to the Indianapolis Pacers for the rights to 20 year old Kawhi Leonard.  I questioned the move.

But Leonard’s athleticism, rebounding, and scoring has proved me wrong.  And he is still only 20.

The Spurs sign TJ Ford and then see him retire because of health reasons.  They sign Patty Mills out of the Chinese Basketball league and immediately he has contributed a three point shot and solid defense.

Stephen A Smith, who I normally appreciate his opinion on sports, said the Spurs will never win with a guy named Patty and Tiago.  n

Stephen A – I think you are wrong.  Tiago Splitter has developed into a solid back-up and Patty Mills will not be playing significant minutes in the playoffs.

Coach Pop then pulls the trigger and trades Richard Jefferson to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Jackson.

Jefferson, who was having a good year with the Spurs shooting the ball, was used to bring back “Jax”.  A member of the 2003 Spurs championship team, brings a new dynamic to the team.

I am a firm believer that every team needs a border line crazy guy and Jax is that guy for the Spurs.

The Spurs then sign Boris Diaw off waivers.  The French big man who has received criticism for not hustling or being out of shape hit a home run by joining the Spurs.  Diaw is a solid acquisition and will play key minutes for the Spurs come playoff time.

My vote for NBA coach of the year goes to Greg Popovich.

Surprisingly, my second vote would go to Mike Woodson.

Every New York sports star has a defining moment when the city and state accepts you.  Some are accepted from the start and some have to earn it.

Carmelo Anthony had his moment on Easter Sunday against the Chicago Bulls.

After Steve Novak missed a three pointer to tie the game (how many times did it go in and out?) Melo stepped up and made a three to tie the game.

To one up that act, he knocked down the game winning three-pointer.  His excitement and emotion and points 41,42, and 43 were enough to actually give the Knicks confidence if they were to face the Bulls in the playoffs.

I can only imagine the feeling Melo had as the Garden was worshiping him.  All the drama and BS that this season brought was quickly forgotten as Melo officially became a New York Knick during the game.

I don’t understand the beard that Lebron James is growing.

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4 responses to “Coaches Corner – 4/13/12

  1. Koby Cantu

    April 13, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    Great article!

  2. Aaron

    April 14, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Stephen A is an idiot. Lets get some Skip Bayless quotes in here next time lol

    • CineSportsTalk

      April 16, 2012 at 9:25 pm

      I have the exact opposite opinion. Skip is annoying and some of his positions on certain things are just plain ignorant.

    • CineSportsTalk

      April 16, 2012 at 9:25 pm



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