Baseball: News and Notes

09 Apr

By Steve Farace

The first weekend of the baseball season provided a lot of exciting baseball and some surprises! Let’s review and get involved in the discussion!

The Yankees are 0-3

The Red Sox are 0-3

The Mets are 3-0

The Tigers have an insane lineup that can score at will

The Royals are going to cause some problems this season

The Diamondbacks made a statement early on against the Giants

Yoenis Cespedes looks like he is the real deal

Ozzie Guillen needs a brain transplant

The Cardinals are still a very dangerous team

Even the great Albert Pujols needs an adjustment period

Kendrys Morales looks healthy and ready to go

Ian Kinsler is a tremendous baseball player

Matt Kemp is already in beast mode

The Braves and Giants have 2 of the top closers in baseball and they have yet to pitch

Tampa has a tremendous pitching staff

Jay Bruce has started red hot and looks to have a complete breakout season

Eric Hosmer is an absolute animal

Omar Infante, Carlos Pena and Rafael Furcal are off to red hot starts

Joey Votto is a very wealthy man

Pitching ruled the first weekend (except for the Red Sox/Tigers game on Sunday

What other story lines would you like to see mentioned or talked about? Let us know!

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