The Hunger Games Review

26 Mar

Scott here again. Okay so I have seen The Hunger Games twice now, but does it really matter? If there was ever a movie that is absolutely critic proof, The Hunger Games is the one. Based upon it’s $155 million opening, this review comes a few days too late. Well if you haven’t seen it and you have been trapped under a giant rock the past few years, I will give you the skinny.

Every year in post apocalyptic North America, the nation of Panem randomly sends/forces one boy and one girl from each of it’s 12 districts to compete in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a television reality show that resembles Survivor aside from one big difference, children must fight and outwit one another to the death until there is one survivor left standing. The winner is showered with food and prosperity for the remainder of their life.

I don’t remember a movie that treated the death and killing of children with such visual grace. How this movie escaped with a PG-13 rating is beyond comprehension. Throats are slit,necks are broken and skulls are crushed. The Hunger Games is definitely not for young children. Not that I’m complaining. I find it absolutely refreshing that we get to watch a science fiction movie that doesn’t treat the subject matter with kid gloves.

So how was it? Pretty damn good. Fans of the book won’t be let down. Director Gary Ross (Pleasantville,Seabiscuit) tries to squeeze every inch of the novel in to the 2 1/2 hour running time. Jennifer Lawrence is a pure bad ass and her performance as Catniss Everdeen will catapult her into superstar status.

The most disturbing thing about The Hunger Games is that while we look at this movie as Science fiction, looking around the world today, it’s starting to feel like we could almost attach a “Based on a True Story” tag in the opening credits, and no one would blink in eye. Life imitating art? I hope not.

Final Word – 3 1/2 Stars

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One response to “The Hunger Games Review

  1. aculturedlad

    April 11, 2012 at 10:31 am

    Couldn’t agree with this review more! I can see why it got PG-13 due to the way those scenes were dealt with quickly but Ross did a fantastic job of making the movie really intense.

    Would love it if you checked out mine šŸ™‚


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