Coaches Corner – 3/23/12

23 Mar

By Yankee Todd

March 23, 2012

I decided to sleep on the Jets acquiring Tim Tebow before I commented.

My initial reaction and my reaction now have calmed. I think I can provide some insight.

Let me start with this…I have nothing against Tim Tebow. I am not a fan of him and I don’t hate him.

I don’t think he is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

I don’t like the fact that people want me to choose which side of the fence I am on with Tebowmania.

This isn’t team Jacob.

I don’t think the Good Lord was involved in the Bronco’s win in the playoffs over the Steelers.

With that said…I simply do not understand why the Jets acquired Tim Tebow.

Are they a better team with Tim Tebow as the back-up QB rather than Drew Stanton?


@DRevis24 tweeted that he was looking forward to having Tebow as a teammate.

Here is my reservation . . . Tim Tebow is a circus act. By no fault of his own, but is what he brings to a team worth it?

The constant questions before and after practice by reporters to every team member.

“Should Tebow get more time?”

“With the struggles of Mark Sanchez, should Tim Tebow get more time?”

What will happen when Santonio Holmes has an out-burst and criticizes Mark Sanchez for his play? Then the circus will really begin.

Said C Rob, who earlier in the year was debating a run for political office with the campaign promise of moving the Super Bowl to Saturday night and the NCAA College basketball championship game to Saturday, also had this to say about the trade, “Can I print ‘What the $%#%’ were they thinking?”

The Jets have other glaring needs. Their defense was not a Rex Ryan defense. Their running game was terrible.

As much as I love Rex Ryan, they need less of his mouth and the distractions it causes.

Mark Sanchez, by all accounts, is a very fragile guy.

Don’t know how a professional athlete lacks confidence, but anyway.
I don’t know why Jacksonville didn’t move the world to acquire Tebow?
Bottom line, if I were the Jets, I wouldn’t have made the move.

What do my boys think about it? Let’s see.

Said successful high school basketball coach Tim Woods, “I really don’t understand it…If Denver thought he could be an NFL QB, who better than Peyton to play behind and learn from? They obviously don’t think he can do it. AND I would think John Elway’s opinion as a QB would be pretty telling too, and he dumped him. What will the Jets do with him? Sanchez isn’t fantastic, but he’s won and has more of an NFL game than Tebow…I really don’t have a clue what they’re going to do with him. He’s an awfully expensive clipboard holder…maybe they will make him a tight end where he belongs.”

Said Eric Wernli, a jack of all trades, “It’s a horrible move. I heard there might be issues because Rex Ryan curses a lot.”
A new member of the coach’s corner is the Cur-Dog. The Cur-Dog, on his first day of teaching at a local middle school was in a portable classroom. The air conditioning went out in his portable. In South Texas, without an AC in August, you might as well go home.

The Cur-Dog taught like a mad man and looked like he ran the San Antonio Rock and Roll half marathon. His shirt was drenched in sweat. His students were looking at him like he was a lunatic.
To his credit, he rebounded and wasn’t the “New Weird guy” that most middle school kids thought he was.

The Cur Dog said it was a bad fit for Tebow’s personality.

Said Coach Schott, his high school’s all time leading scorer in basketball with over 1,900 points, “It’s a joke. I can’t wait until Bozo the Ryan goes on one of his tirades and Tebow tells him to watch his mouth. The Lord is watching.”
Big E out of Philly said it best. How did Buddy Ryan keep a job and Sean Payton gets suspended for a year?

At first, I was totally shocked that Payton got a year ban.

Said former college baseball player Aaron Semper believes the league did what it needed to do. “The NFL needed to make a statement to the entire league. The Saints were thugs.”
Then I heard that Payton was warned and possibly lied about his knowledge of the bounty-gate.

Payton should have known the rules with Sheriff Goodell in town.

Goodell, like him or not, has cleaned up the image of the NFL.

If you act a fool, you get treated like a fool.

I don’t think the Saints will miss a beat next year. Just sign Drew Brees and all will be good.

I wouldn’t have suspended him for a year… don’t forget Bill Belichick didn’t get suspended at all and they cheated.
Said One Office Down, when asked if the Saints got what they deserved, “Hell yes. The team invested money in players that is now essentially wasted. Continuity of coaching is an imperative in football. To have new coaches even in the same scheme makes them unlikely to be as successful. That’s pissing away the fans money. I think it’s a bad move by the NFL.”

The Knicks are 5 and 0 under Mike Woodson. They defeated the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night.

Jeremy Lin came alive in the fourth quarter and the Knicks moved closer to the Atlantic leading 76ers.

Amare Stoudemire looks like he is 25 years old again. His resurgence has the Knicks as a legit contender.
Said Derrick Paul, who recently returned from a vacation in Mexico, “How long ago did the Knicks stop playing hard for D’Antoni? It’s too bad players don’t play hard all the time and earn your 20 million.”

Derrick Paul is not related to Chris Paul.
Much has been debated about Melo’s public comments about working harder now that Woodson is the head coach.
Said Coach Schott, who guided his high school team to a state championship in 1989, “Surprisingly, Lin took over the 4th quarter. Amare was great and Carmelo seemed to let himself blend into the back ground. A great win.”
I see the Knicks getting to more loose balls, playing with more passion, heart and desire. Coach Woodson has stroked the ego’s of Melo and STAT.
Woodson has also realized that he needs his bench to continue to perform at the high level it has over the last month. Woodson, in his previous coaching stints, did not utilize the bench the way he has in NYC.

And let’s face it. A team with NBA superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amare should never have been in the hole they are in.

All along I knew Melo was a scorer, but I have lost respect for him if he tanked it so that D’Antoni would get canned.

Anyone who watched the Knicks knew that Amare was hurt.

If Boston can beat the 76ers on Friday, look out Atlantic conference.

Said Philly fan, Big E, “Doug Collins has gotten all he can out of this crew. The 76ers haven’t won a game by less than four points all season. Enough said.”

The Knicks now need to avoid a first round matchup with either the Heat or Bulls.

They said that Syracuse couldn’t win without Fab Melo against Kansas State. Surely, the size and brute strength of Wisconsin would beat the heck out of the Orange.

But the Orange defeated the Badgers to advance to the Elite 8.

Now they are a win away from the Final Four. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim has 890 wins in his 36 years of coaching experience.

I have the Orange in my Final Four.
It was an excellent college basketball game.

I have never seen a team shoot the three-ball better than Wisconsin did against Syracuse. I couldn’t shoot that well on a video game, well maybe Double Dribble – thanks @davechazzer
How many times could I yell, “You have got to be kidding me?”

CJ Fair, who was showing up on milk cartons in upstate NY, played well. His play helped push the Orange early on.
Dion Waiters is a star. He is a straight pimp.

He is the most NBA-ready player that Syracuse has had in a long time.
Kenny “The Jett” Smith called Waiters the best two guard in college basketball.
I asked Big E, a Philly High School basketball expert about the Syracuse connection in high school.

Big E said, “Waiters scored at will in high school.”

He went on to talk about Scoop Jardine, “Scoop and (former Syracuse big man) Rick Jackson were high school teammates together. They dominated the Catholic league. Their school, Neuman-Goretti, is in the Top 25 (of the nation) every year. All the good kids and players go there.”

“Rakeem Christmas went to North Catholic (where Big E played). He won the Catholic league as a freshman and then the school closed because of declining enrollment. He then went to the Academy of the New Church. You’ll hear about some of their kids in the next couple years. Name to watch is Savon Goodman… a top 50 recruit. As a senior, he transferred back to Philly HS and his team is in the state tournament. He is undecided for college and a man among boys.”

What to look for next?

A baseball preview with my boys and a piece on Texas High School football.

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