Young Adult Review

21 Mar

By Steve Farace


Charlize Theron plays the role of the woman that realizes that time is slipping away from her in this one. The second she finds out that her ex-boyfriend is now married with a child, she heads back to her old neighborhood with hopes of rekindling the relationship and stealing him away from his wife.

Charlize plays a writer (and an alcoholic) that writes for a young adult series. It seems as though she can’t separate her situation from the one that she is writing about for the final installment of the series of books she is writing. We can safely assume that her constant drinking of alcohol has something to do with all of this. What else could possibly explain someone doing the things she does. She also has the habit of overdressing when she goes out.

I’m sure there will be many people that can relate to this movie because there are times in life when something reminds you of what could have been and you want that so badly that you will do anything (including making a fool out yourself) to make that “what if” a reality. Sometimes it is good and sometimes you fall flat on your face. But, hey you tried!

This movie captures a lot of emotion and has plenty to smirk at. I thought Charlize did a great job in this one and so did the rest of the cast. Patton Oswalt did great with his role of the not so popular guy giving advice to the popular girl (who also happens to be very hot).

There is no doubt that Young Adult should be added to your collection. It has a great mix of emotion including desperation and even borderline obsession with trying to recapture the past. It also has great eye candy for those that watch movies for the eye candy alone.

Final Word – 3 1/2 Stars

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